Solutions Journal Article- Small Business Sustainability

Solutions Journal Article- Small Business Sustainability

Try, Learn, Try Again: Cracking the code for small businesses sustainability

In 2007 a consultancy was born. A small team coalesced to tackle the pervasive problem that small businesses lag in implementing more sustainable practices. The purpose was clear and the team had a plan: build a profitable sustainability consulting firm for the smaller end of the small business sector. Three years later the business folded. We were partners in that business.

The problem wasn’t that it didn’t work. It worked well. The New York Times featured one client, Mi Rancho, that we trained and its creative manager, Joe Santana. With our help, Joe’s team generated stunning results. The company fulfilled its goal of scoring well enough on Walmart’s Sustainability Scorecard to gain them as a customer, and the practices they developed in our program saved them $450,000.

To enable our small business clients to have all the content they needed at their fingertips, we engaged eLearning professionals and built a comprehensive tool. It delivered all the information a company would need to increase its energy efficiency, cut its bills, and cut its carbon footprint. A variant of it is still used today by the Pet Sustainability Coalition, an industry specific group we founded. We hired a tenacious top-notch marketer to get this information to clients. We worked with clients from California to Iowa, across Colorado and Wyoming…..

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