Natural Capitalism Solutions is dedicated to creating projects to better our community. Here are a few we’re working on right now!

Climate Action Plan Roadmap

We will facilitate conversations among key municipal leaders and decision-makers, experts from non-profits, business, and academia, and other key stakeholders, inviting them to feed into and learn from the CAR platform as they build healthy, resilient, and sustainable urban communities. With step-by-step directions for effective implementation, tutorials, case studies, and tools that have guided organizations globally, the platform will enable companies, communities, and citizens to access the content they need to create their own solutions. It will encourage collaboration and peer review, allowing anyone in the community to improve existing resources and share their own tools and resources, broadening the resource base for cities and activists.

Colorado Carbon Fund

The Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF) offers a unique carbon offset program where individuals can donate to offset their vehicle’s annual emissions and qualify to purchase an official Colorado Carbon Fund Project C license plate. Get your clean energy license plate now!

Leading For Wellbeing

Current “solutions” are not driving change sufficient to meet the challenges facing humanity. Convening the relevant actors from the sectors causing the problems and conversely, the ones capable of fixing it is a better way to create the world we want. Business faces challenges within and without. Workers seek a greater sense that their organization is part of the solution, not a cause of the problems. The Gallup-Healthways Well-being Index has shown that workers feel worse about their jobs than ever before, a disengagement that they estimate is costing American businesses $200 billion every year in lost productivity…