Bard MBA Program

The Bard MBA in Sustainability is one of a select few graduate programs globally that fully integrates sustainability into a core business curriculum. While most business schools now offer a course or two related to sustainability, in the Bard MBA every class is organized around one critical question: How can we build or transform our businesses so that they are in business to solve the pressing social and environmental problems of our time? Businesses and NGO’s have to be financially successful, support growth and scale solutions. At Bard, students learn both how to put purpose first, and to ensure that profit will follow.
In the Bard MBA, students work in collaborative teams, learning how to create businesses and not-for-profit organizations that combine economic, environmental, and social objectives into an integrated bottom line that creates both healthier businesses, and also a more sustainable world. Graduates of the Bard MBA are transforming existing companies, starting their own, and pioneering new paradigms of doing business that meet human needs, protect and restore the Earth’s systems, and treat all stakeholders with justice and respect.
Hunter Lovins is a founding faculty member and current professor of Principles of Sustainable Management as well as a Capstone Advisor at the Bard College MBA in Sustainability Program.

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