Colorado’s Economy: Research Report

It is typical for legacy industries to claim that they are responsible for the prosperity of their society and must be sustained. Colorado is no exception to this norm. Colorado’s oil and gas industry often asserts that they are vital to the state’s economic prosperity.

At Natural Capitalism Solutions, we wondered whether the numbers support such claims. This question motivated us to undertake research to determine the relative size of Colorado’s major economic sectors, from oil and gas and agriculture to outdoor recreation and arts and culture. This research synthesizes information from over 120 sources and summarizes key trends, employment numbers, contributions to state GDP, and other metrics.

The findings of this research paint a picture of Colorado’s economy as one that is diverse and growing. It is supported by industries that receive less acclaim but make major contributions to the state’s strong economic performance in recent years. It offers statistics that give surprising insight into the state’s legacy industries. And it helps inform our idea of how to ensure Colorado can deliver shared prosperity for all while protecting the environment for generations to come.

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