What’s Kept Hunter Busy in 2019

What’s Kept Hunter Busy in 2019

January –

  • Advised incoming Governor on energy and agriculture as part of his Transition Team
  • Convened Regenerative Hub for Colorado
  • Podcast on Finer Future – Andrew Mount – Rogue Regenesys
  • New Orleans Conference Keynote “Love Your City” Awards on why individual action matters
  • Work with Catherine Greener of Greener Solutions on Reinventing Everything
  • Member of Boulder Valley soil carbon survey

February –

  • Keynote conference on Environmental Health& Quality of Human Life – International scientific conference (Seoul, Korea)
  • Teach at Fordham – Sustainable Management semester in a week as part of Humanistic Management Masters
  • Teach at Bard MBA – Principles of Sustainable Management
  • Meeting with Green Century and Trillium investments on impact investing
  • Advise Seaman’s Capital – family office shifting to clean tech
  • Book signing in Vail, interview with reporter
  • Consult with Velcro re:sustainability
  • Growthbusters Podcast on Finer Future
  • Consult with New York coalition on fashion


  • Teach Social entrepreneuring class at CU
  • Advise Young Farmers’ Coalition
  • Speak at 10th Anniversary of Solutions Journal – HL serves on editorial Board
  • Webinar with Tony Seba on Clean Disruption
  • Advise Futerra Communications Agency
  • Advise Regis University on developing a curriculum in regenerative economics
  • Member of Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally
  • Advise Executive Director of Alliance Center
  • Speak to Boulder Rotary
  • China – De Tao – keynote sustainable tourism symposium in Hainan

April –

  • Mentor for Unreasonable Future – Santa Cruz
  • Advise University of Santa Cruz program in right Livelihood
  • Interview with Futerra on small businesses
  • Conduct Scenario Planning for Alliance Center
  • Featured guest Colorado Public Radio Climate Variety Hour
  • Podcast with Money Morphosis
  • Keynote Prescott College Sustainability Symposium
  • Advise National Western Center
  • Podcast with Dan Carreno of Change Finance
  • Interview with Danish university
  • Advise Amalgamated Bank

May –

  • Keynote Food Economy Summit – Italy/Milan
  • Podcast with top Advisor Marketing
  • Advise City of Boulder on energy policy
  • Interview with online university 2U
  • Advise Environmental Communications Associates
  • Interview with Wealth Formula
  • Meet with Youth climate leader Alex Loorz
  • Speech for Colorado Renewable Energy Society
  • Keynote National Western Center’s Summit Gathering

June –

  • Meet with Seth Itzkan of Soil for Climate
  • Keynote World Bank Climate Summit Singapore
  • Outdoor Retailer’s Show
  • Advise Steve Schueth on regenerative business
  • Conversation with head of Conde Nast International
  • Advise on blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Advise National Parks Foundation
  • Potsdam meeting on Planetary Emergency
  • Advising associations of chefs and growers on carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture
  • Speak to Boulder Sustainability Professionals Association
  • Convene monthly Finer Future Forums for Colorado Hub
  • Create Regenerative Climate Solutions – video series featuring solutions to the climate crisis

July –

  • London Planetary Emergency Summit – Chatham House for Club of Rome
  • Meeting with International head of Conde Nast
  • Meeting with British Lean and Green expert
  • Meeting with Foundation for Climate Restoration
  • Consulting for Simpliphi Power – Oxnard
  • Consult for National Western Center on thought Leadership
  • Mentor for TechStars Sustainability Accelerator


  • Congressional Climate Crisis Hearing
  • Host and speak at meeting of Rocky Mountain Association of Energy Professionals
  • Interview Wellbeing Economy on Alternatives to Business as Usual
  • Keynote American Renewable Energy Day
  • Keynote International Energy Program Evaluation association annual conference
  • Advise American Climate Leadership Summit Awards program
  • Film Circular Economy documentary

September –

  • Teach on-line course
  • Teach Scenario Planning at University of Colorado Masters of Environment
  • Climate Strike NY – marched with Greta and 250,000
  • Climate Week NY – Released Club of Rome Planetary Emergency Declaration
  • Met with Bill McKibben of 350.com, Mark Campanale of Carbon Tracker, Sandrine Dixon of Club of Rome,
  • Clean Energy Tax Credit meeting with Rod Richardson of Grace Richardson Foundation
  • Meeting of Club of Rome
  • Advise CEO of LanzaTech
  • Meeting with new NY clean tech accelerator
  • Honest Conversation with youth and business
  • Speak at Eileen Fischer Fashion Revolution meeting


  • Climate Strike Denver
  • Speak at Slow Opportunities for Investing Local Annual meeting
  • Advise Fort Collins Energy Economy program
  • Interview with Bloomberg
  • Advise new venture to promote Sustainable Development Goals
  • NY with AJ – advise Sirius XM
  • Advise Aqueion

November –

  • Advise Alliance Center
  • Simpliphi CA
  • Podcast with Climate Changers
  • Advise Vanguard Real Estate Solutions
  • Keynote US Green Building Council’s Green Schools Summit
  • Speak at EarthX event
  • SRI event
  • Speak at Energy Africa Annual Conference
  • Meet with China BAK corporation

December – hasn’t happened yet!

Ongoing – teach at Bard MBA – fly to NY once a month, as well as weekly on-line teaching; advise capstone students with entrepreneurial ventures

Finer Future Forum – monthly sessions with Boulder/ Denver citizens on how to create a regenerative economy in Colorado

Meetings with academics, activists, business people entrepreneurs who want advice

Change Finance work on enabling investors to divest

Simpliphi work on implementing renewable energy and battery storage

Serve as Wellbeing Economy International Ambassador


Hunter’s Titles and Roles:

Founding Professor at the Bard MBA in Sustainable Management – Hunter teaches the foundational Principles of Sustainable Management course, the course on globalization and new economics, and mentors capstone students. Her graduates work at such companies as Carbon Disclosure Project, Unilever, CERES, Delliotte, ING bank, as well as numerous community groups and entrepreneurial ventures

National Western Center – advisor helping develop and disseminate best practices in regenerative agriculture . NCS has proposed creating a regenerative agriculture think-tank and demonstration center with the NWC disseminate best practices that will feed the worldwhile saving the planet. We believe regenerativeagriculture holds incredible promise in this regard.disseminate best practices that will feed the worldwhile saving the planet. We believe regenerativeagriculture holds incredible promise in this regard.

Regenerative Climate Solutions – Hunter is the series editor for a new venture that is creating short videos of solutions focusing on regenerative agriculture and renewable energy. Young people are hungry for solutions to the climate crisis that they are all too aware is bearing down on them. This series will give them pragmatic answers, and show them in action.

Change Finance – Chief Impact Officer – CF created the first truly fossil fuel free exchange traded fund. It just won the Best ESG ETF Provider at ETF Express’s inaugural US awards on October 24, 2019. ETF Express  pre-selects managers based on their performance over the previous 12 months. The winners were then selected via a rigorous reader-choice online poll The winner in each category was the firm that attracted the most votes from ETF Express’ readers. Overall, 1,202 readers participated, of which 26 per cent were investors; 39 per cent were managers; and 35 per cent were service providers.

Colorado Regenerative Hub – Hunter was asked by the Regenerative Communities Network to create a hub in Colorado – This has resulted in a variety of gatherings of community leaders interested in regenerative economics, the publication of a seminal paper showing that Colorado’s economy is not dependent on extractive industries, but gets more revenue and jobs from such cleaner industries as craft brewing, renewable energy and outdoor industries.

Fort Collins Climate Economy – advisor to the city’s work to shift its economy to one that is cleaner, more equitable and far more resilient. Fort Collins has grown its municipal product 25% while cutting its emissions 12%.

SimpliPhi Board member – battery storage company working in 40 countries to SimpliPhi empowers people, communities and enterprises around the world to access clean, affordable electricity anytime, anywhere. We offer the safest, the most efficient and user-friendly energy storage available today. 

Unreasonable Institute – founding mentor working with young entrepreneurs bringing solutions to the world’s most challenging crises

Seamans Capital – advisor – family office that has transitioned from extractive industries to renewable and clean technology

Greener Solutions – on-call sustainability expert – work with companies to help them transition to more sustainable practices

Environmental Communications Associates – on-call sustainability expert – work with companies to help them transition to more sustainable practices

Alliance Center – on-call sustainability expert – presented workshops such as scenario planning, climate solutions and others

Climate Fund Board Member – the premier national carbon offsetting organization

Colorado Climate Fund – Sponsor

iMatter – Sponsor

Pet Sustainability Coalition – Sponsor

Clean Coalition – Sponsor

Hunter advises a wide array of groups from the B-Team to the Club of Rome, to the Carbon Disclosure Project to TechStars to Oxfam and Rachel’s Network. She is in high demand by political figures, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, community activists and ordinary citizens. She lectures frequently at universities and for community groups

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