Ocean Acidification Still Matters in Colorado

Blog Post: Ocean Acidification BY: TATJANA KUNZ (Summer Intern 2017)   Even those of us in landlocked Colorado, 745 miles from the nearest shore, rely on the ocean. The ocean absorbs large amounts of the carbon dioxide that we release, provides us with tasty seafood, is a major source for pharmaceuticals, and generates 70 percent [...]

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DOE Releases New Data and Resources on Energy Efficiency Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Energy has recently released a new series of materials sharing the energy efficiency potential of six major pathways to energy and carbon savings that states and local governments can use to meet their clean energy goals. These materials show that energy efficiency could save consumers and businesses more than 1 billion [...]

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Turning Passion into Action

Commute Matters NCS Interns: Where Are They Now Series  My internship at Nat Cap was the first step in turning a passion for environmental stewardship into a new career.  The very talented Nat Cap staff worked side by side with interns, treating us as colleagues, to produce their research and many consulting and [...]

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