Natural Capitalism Solutions’ Role In The Platte River Regenerative Hub

Natural Capitalism Solutions’ Role In The Platte River Regenerative Hub

The existing economy is not serving us well. The middle class is stagnating and ordinary people struggle to make ends meet. At the same time, we face ecological crises from climate change to species loss and toxic loading. Individuals feel powerless in the face of business-as-usual economic models and global corporate dominance. We need an economy that delivers solutions to these crises, answers people’s fears and speaks to our aspirations. The answer is to replace the neoliberal narrative of unfettered free markets and austerity that now dominates global economic policy with a “regenerative” economic vision that delivers shared prosperity on a healthy planet while leveraging the power of entrepreneurs to innovate. Exciting work exists at the global level, but it needs to be implemented where people live, in the watersheds and communities of our homes.

John Fullerton, author of Regenerative Capitalism, founder of the international Regenerative Communities Network and co-author of Hunter Lovins’ book “A Finer Future, creating an economy in service to life.”

Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) is bringing together citizens, organizations, and communities in the greater Denver/ Boulder/ Fort Collins area (representing 90 percent of Colorado’s economy), as well as partners on the Western Slope, to form the Colorado Regenerative Hub. The Hub will demonstrate that a regenerative economy is possible and preferable. Based on principles outlined in John Fullerton’s paper, Regenerative Capitalism, the Hub will convene local organizations to work together to create a local economy that better serve everyone, is more ecologically sustainable and delivers wellbeing to all.

The Platte River Hub is one of the seven inaugural Hubs created by the international Regenerative Communities Network. Similar Hubs are being created in Costa Rica, Australia, the US, and Europe. Our hub, serving the communities and ecosystems of the Upper South Platte River basin, will be part of a vibrant international community of such efforts.

If this is an effort that you want to be part of, contact Jock Gilchrist, our Regenerative Research Fellow at [email protected].

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series about NCS’s collaborative work to help create the Regenerative Hub. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, where we’ll tell a new story – supported by recent data – about the benefits of regenerative economics already sweeping through Colorado.

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