Case Study: Retail e-Solutions at Aveda

Natural Capitalism Solutions worked with Aveda to develop a custom e-Solution that enables salon owners across the world to implement sustainable salon practices. Using a dynamic online platform, NCS created a visually compelling solution that  provides practical guidance and tools in a user-friendly format that salon owners are comfortable with. Using this tool, Aveda salons will be able to lower their costs and implement industry-leading practices, while further aligning themselves with the Aveda brand.
Aveda’s sustainable salon is brought to life within an interactive web platform designed by NCS. The platform contains renderings of a physical salon that visually demonstrates the sustainability improvements that can be made. The platform showcases cost effective sustainability measures for the salon and includes straightforward instructions and supplementary  tools to make implementation easy. Throughout the process, salons learn about energy and cost savings associated with each measure in addition to benefits to marketing and the customer experience. Salon owners also have access to a goal-setting tool that demonstrates potential savings and which specific measures the salon should focus on based on their unique situation.
Using the sustainable salon guide created by NCS, Aveda will be able to implement sustainability across their diverse network of network operations, cutting costs for their business owners and increasing the sustainability performance of their company as a whole.

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