Case Study: Sales Training Eco Products

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Eco-friendly environment

Eco-Products is a leading supplier of recycled and compostable disposable goods. Sustainability is core to Eco-Products’ selling proposition, yet their large network of sales reps and brokers struggled to communicate the sustainability aspects of products to a diverse set of customers across the country.
In order to leverage their sustainability investments in the market, Eco-Products hired Natural Capitalism Solutions to develop a robust training program for their sales team. The training provides sales staff with a base understanding of sustainability and the sustainable attributes of products, in addition to practical training in how to communicate sustainability information to diverse customers. By completing the NCS training, the Eco-Products sales team is better equipped to capitalize on the company’s sustainability investments, strengthening their sales pitch and increasing revenue.

“The sales training materials that Natural Capitalism produced not only work to get our brand a higher degree of visibility in the field, but they work to make our sales force the most informed and educated about sustainability in our industry. With a complex offering such as ours and a brand centered around sustainability, these tools not only provide a much needed service, but they are designed to help our sales team increase revenue, and give our team the credibility and professionalism they need in today’s market to product more effectively. We are delighted with the work of Natural Capitalism and excited to expand on it in time to turn this project into one of the primary drivers of sustainability education within our organization.”

– Claudia A. Capitini, Sustainability Maven, Eco-Products


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