3 June 2013 | San Diego, CA | Sustainable Brands

Hunter Lovins, Jeff Mendelsohn, Thomas Day, Liz Maw, Gwen Migita, and Megan Rast presented on “Beyond  Employee Engagement”
(Download PDF Slideshow Here) “The Business Case for Employee Engagement” by Hunter Lovins

Please contact [email protected] for the powerpoint slides.

(link to audio podcast of second day on SB site)
(link to slides as posted on SB site)
How can companies implement true employee-level sustainability integration and unleash the powerful benefits to society, the environment, and business performance? How can the HR channel be utilized to develop objective and subjective sustainability goals by department, in the context of a well-articulated brand sustainability platform? What does it take to effectively drill down objective and subjective performance criteria and goals to the level of every employee?

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