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Management Helix

The Natural Capitalism Solutions team is available to help you implement the Management Helix in your organization. By using this whole-systems approach businesses can  increase profitability, reduce risk and enhance their competitive advantage.
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Management Helix background

The below graphic is utilized to illustrate the Management Helix’s main concepts:

Any Helix is made up of two strands.

In the Management Helix, the first strand contains an organization’s Mission, Vision, Values, Products, and Services.

The second strand contains an organization’s measurements: Accounting, Finance The Integrated Bottom Line.

In any organization the two strands are linked together with strong fibers, in this case: Governance and Management, Operations and Facilities, Design & Process Innovation, Human Resources & Corporate Culture, Marketing & Communication and Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement.

In nature, strands tend to spiral. Each turn offers a different perspective, a point at which to develop a new understanding of what sustainability can offer to your organization, NCS calls these choice points. Each turn of the spiral offers a point at which an organization can choose to become more sustainable:

  1. Exploration, interest; information gathering
  2. Testing, demonstration, and experimentation
    3. Sustainability leadership
    4. Restorative organizations continuously restore, enhance and sustain human and natural capital.

This Helix is an evolving body of knowledge and practice. Contributors have included: Hunter Lovins, Christopher Juniper, Walter Link of Global Academy, Charlie Hargroves and The Natural Edge Project, Presidio School of Management MBA candidates, Janet Graaff of CU Boulder, David Johnston of What’s Working, Paul Sheldon, and Sissel Waage.

Download the Management Helix presentation ~ 2.3 MB .pdf file


For more information on the Management Helix call 720-684-6580 or email [email protected]