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Solutions @ the Speed of Business

The NCS’ Solutions @ the Speed of Business is an interactive online tool that provides step-by-step action plans and practical tools that make implementing efficiency—not just learning about it—fast and effective. Solutions @ the Speed of Business provides resources that help small businesses save money through:
  • No-cost behavior change measures like powering down equipment and turning off lights.
  • Employee engagement tools like surveys and pre-written staff emails that create a culture of efficiency and drive long-term savings.
  • Straightforward action plans to make implementing low-cost building upgrades simple and stress free.
Six modules available: Lighting, Heating & Cooling, Office Equipment, Water, Waste, and Travel & Transportation.
Each module includes:
  • Practical educational resources
    Interactive flash exercises, videos, calculators, and more that demonstrate the business case for sustainability and showcase how and where efficiency measures can be implemented.
  • Implementation tools
    Downloadable signage, employee surveys, pre-written emails, and step-by-step action plans that help a business implement efficiency measures and change behaviors. Sample measures include: powering down computers and printers, task lighting, light shelves, conserving water, and sustaining momentum through green teams and employee engagement. Includes a framework to identify which measures should be completed first.

Watch a demo of NCS’ Solutions @ the Speed of Business below: