Natural Capitalism Solutions Internships

Natural Capitalism Solutions is currently seeking interns for 2019, January to May.

Are you looking for sustainability experience and learning about regenerative economies? Are you ready to put theory into a real-world application? Are you passionate about making a difference that positively impacts the lives of others? If so, join the Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) team, a non-profit 501c3 that works with local communities, companies, countries, and governments to advance sustainability and regenerative (non-extractive) activities. Hunter Lovins and the NCS team create tools and programs to implement sustainable and regenerative practices inside businesses, communities, and organizations.

At Natural Capitalism Solutions, interns have the opportunity to:

  • Conduct research, compose and prepare background materials for project work.
  • Participate in staff meetings, involving critical thinking and strategy development.
  • Work with the NCS team and sustainability pioneer, Hunter Lovins.
  • Receive recognition if working on published reports.
  • Participate in local conferences, industry & networking events as they emerge.
  • Hear world-class thinkers in meetings pertaining to sustainability and the drive for building regenerative local economies.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Writing and critical thinking skills
  • Past research experience
  • Experience working in teams
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, particularly PowerPoint and MSWord.
  • Familiarity with of the principles in the book, “Natural Capitalism”, and Hunter Lovins’ just-published book, “A Finer Future, creating an economy in service to life.”

The internship is unpaid and requires 15-25 hours per week (flexible). Interns are required to work at the Longmont, Boulder County Colorado office for the majority of the internship, not remotely or off-site.

Internship Positions

Throughout the program, interns may assist with a variety of tasks but will typically follow one of the three major projects outlined below. Find one that fits your interests.

Denver/Boulder “Regenerative Hub” project

As one of the seven inaugural Hubs created by the international Regenerative Communities Network, Natural Capitalism Solutions is exploring how to transform the economy of the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area from one dependent on extractive industries that pollute and damage natural capital to one based on industries that are inherently regenerative of all forms of capital. Our hub, defined by the ecosystem of the Upper South Platte River basin, will be part of a vibrant international community of such efforts. Similar Hubs are being created in Costa Rica, Australia, the US, and Europe. Each hub is based on principles outlined in John Fullerton’s paper, Regenerative Capitalism. NCS will promote local leaders and invite national and global thought leaders in 2019 to expand the communities’ concepts of what is possible. Story-telling efforts will document what is being done in local communities to shift the economy. We will interview local groups that are contributing to a more sustainable economy and spread this knowledge. We will refine the narrative and spread adoption of regenerative practices using traditional PR and a vigorous social media campaign. Note: Planning, interviewing, PR, organizing and convening meetings for the Hub are an important part of intern work on this project. Video and audio experience is a plus, as well as a grasp of how to employ social media.

Social Media Development and Communications

Help manage and contribute content to the Natural Capitalism Solutions website and social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Help manage the NCS newsletter and other digital content. Preferred qualifications include video experience as well as editing and design experience. As part of our social media efforts, we will continue promoting Hunter’s new book, “A Finer Future,” with interviews, podcasts, video shorts, and webinars. Knowledge of platforms such as MailChimp, WordPress, and basic video editing software is preferred. You will work closely will all members of the NCS team to manage content and strengthen our online presence in accordance with our brand. This opportunity will greatly enhance our efforts to effectively deliver the NCS mission and voice while increasing our education and outreach success. Note: Excellent writing, digital communication skills, the ability to multitask and to work independently are a must. Past media PR experience is a plus.

“Sustainability for All” project and general research

Read the recent article about the program as it appeared in the October 2018 issue of The Solutions Journal. For this program, interns will provide updated research to refresh existing PowerPoint decks. Interns will help with business development aimed at small business organizations, Universities, Community Colleges and other training entities in the Colorado Denver/Boulder HUB region. The Sustainability For All project is 70% content-ready, so it may not require the full amount of time expected from interns. Therefore, additional work will come from general research activities needed by Hunter for her presentations and teachings, plus further regional research for the HUB project. Note: General research, writing, some presentation experience, and diverse people skills are expected for this effort.

How to Apply:
To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and writing sample to [email protected], with the subject line “[internship type, season, year] Internship Application.”
Past Interns:
Past interns have gained employment at the following organizations: Standard Renewable Energy, GreenOrder, Weecycle Environmental Consulting, ATC Associates Environmental Consulting, Clean Energy Action, Department of Health, and NCS, to name a few.