Carol Rosskam of Northeastern University

Dear Hunter,
We met briefly in October 2012 at AASHE in LA. It was at your book signing and you were kind enough to sign a copy of your book for me, to give my nephew Josh who’s at Elon University in NC. Josh called me last night quite excited after meeting you and you remembering signing his name for me last fall—I believe I mentioned he was at Elon and studying biz + sust. I think that just by you remembering this when you met him is a moment he’ll carry the rest of his life, and further imbed sustainability into his studies. I’m definitely not a business minded person per se—his Mother is the expert on that, like our Dad—but, I believe it will be business—and through capitalism—that can and should – and hopefully will advance sustainable solutions to the grave dangers we’re creating for ourselves.
Having lived in Canada 20 years and becoming a citizen, I know that a heavier focus on the public good there is beneficial to all – and it’s not the evil socialism that preys upon many Americans who block the idea of universal health care! Please keep up the fantastic work you’re doing—a true American heroine! Thank you again for remembering Josh—there’s a Yiddish word “kvell” which I felt last night when he called me—it’s the feeling when your heart is so full of joy it’s about to explode. Not that I speak a lot of Yiddish, but I know and love that word.
 Sometimes, the little moments like last night are the big moments for someone. Maybe if there were more of them, the 2 Boston marathon bombing suspects would have made other and better choices in their recent years. See, it comes back to sustainability..all of it.

Kind regards,

Carol Rosskam
Sustainability Program Manager
Northeastern University

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