Past Projects

Past Projects

Encyclical to Action

The science is undisputed. The business case is proven. Religious institutions agree. Climate disruption is delivering unpleasant consequences of acidifying oceans, droughts, fires, extreme weather, famine and social unrest. The loss of species that scientists are calling the sixth great extinction is the first driven by humans is just one more symptom of living beyond planetary boundaries. We are also failing to deliver the minimum needed for quality of life and dignity for more than half the world’s population. These are all called out in “Encyclical Letter of the Holy Father On Care of our Common Home” as symptoms of collective failure to care for all of humanity and fulfill our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation. Numerous statements by other religious leaders echo the Pope’s call…

Open Source Sustainability

Natural Capitalism Solutions is setting sustainability free, creating an open source platform to provide our sustainability tools to the world at no cost, and to invite others to share their tools, as well. Featuring video tutorials, best practices, case studies, and tools that have empowered companies like Walmart, agencies like the International Finance Corporation, and the governments from the State of California to small towns from New York to New Zealand, will transform overwhelm to easy…

An Economy In Service To Life

We need a new north star, a vision that inspires people to take action and create systemic change.The ecological and economic crises are not an accident nor are they inevitable. They are driven by an economic ideology created by a small group of men who met after World War II to frame a narrative of unfettered free markets to fit their values. The group placed three of its members as heads of state, as advisors to essentially every head of state on the planet, including Reagan and Thatcher, as heads of central banks and Nobel laureates. They created the Chicago School of Economics, similar academic departments in universities around the world, and policy institutes from American Enterprise to the Cato Institute. They made their vision that “greed is good, markets are perfect, austerity is the answer and maximization of shareholder return is the supreme goal of an economy” the dominant global mental model. They delivered unprecedented wealth to a small elite while bringing ruin across society and the globe…

Recent Achievements

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