2017 Achievements

Now more than ever the leadership and influence of NCS is needed in politics and businessdonate
Our world is changing rapidly. Natural disasters, economic inequality, and global frustration all point towards the necessity of a regenerative future: one that is rooted in global-thinking, values the resilience of local economies, and is powered by renewable energy. Now, more than ever, NCS’ brand of visionary pragmatism is needed to provide leaders with well-researched, customizable, economically-resilient solutions.
Hunter Lovins, our president and leader, pioneers the solutions the world needs now. The Natural Capitalism team supports Hunter’s leadership and works to make impact at scale, influencing governments, business owners, visionary leaders and students. Together we establish the business case, research best practices, and support leaders who can implement the practices necessary to realize a regenerative future.
In 2017 Natural Capitalism Solutions:

  • Supported Hunter to deliver 100 speeches in 27 cities in 5 countries to inspire audiences to participate in regenerative systems
  • Helped build markets for agricultural practices that sequester carbon and turn around climate change
  • Consulted for a wide array of companies, communities, and countries on regenerative policy
  • Mapped key stakeholders attacking and promoting non-GMO food
  • Catalyzed the creation of the first fossil-fuel free, socially responsible EFT through Change Finance, and helped launch it on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Identified financing strategies and opened access to hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to fund implementation of municipal climate action plans
  • Provided 170 tonnes of carbon offsets that support local carbon-neutral projects
  • Brought 300 thought-leaders from around the world to the Regenerative Future Summit to announce a new economic narrative and convene collaborative working groups. Leaders at the RFS created a new, global organization to accelerate transformation of the global economy. Stay tuned for more info in 2018!
  • Launched the monthly Lovins Series in New York City on Business Stepping Up
  • Created sustainable business curriculum for schools across the country
  • Briefed international journalists on the urgency of climate change and the coming renewable revolution
  • Readied Hunter’s latest book, A Finer Future, for publishing and developed plans to provide the world with  a much needed roadmap to understanding and implementing regenerative practices profitably
  • Wrote 15+ articles; held 3 free webinars; gave dozens of lectures and keynoted 23 conferences; met with government officials, corporate leaders and change agents;  mentored entrepreneurs; provoked entrenched power brokers; and made it clear that the world has all the technology needed to address our worst problems

The energy and action we experienced in 2017 fuels our goals for 2018. Now, more than ever, the leadership and influence of NCS is needed in politics and business. With your support in 2018 Natural Capitalism Solutions will:

  • Provide thought leadership at global gatherings and scale implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Mentor young entrepreneurs to start-up regenerative new businesses
  • Develop an action manual to provide local leaders with actionable plans to transform their community with resilient solutions
  • Publish Hunter’s latest book, A Finer Future, and promote this world changing sequel to Natural Capitalism
  • Advise local governments on ways to implement regenerative economics, renewable energy solutions and promote sustainable growth
  • Accelerate the adaptation of electric vehicles at the municipal scale
  • Enable individuals and companies to offset their carbon in ways that enhance local communities

NCS has created a vision of the Future We Need, and we are working side by side with leaders around the world to make it happen. Support NCS today to provide resilient solutions and lead the world toward a regenerative future.