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The mission of Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) is to design sustainable economic systems to better the wellbeing of all humans. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we focus on education, consulting, and maintaining a free resource library.



NCS is based on the principles presented in the acclaimed book Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, co-authored by the organization’s leader Hunter Lovins. Natural Capitalism Solutions has transformed the original Natural Capitalism Principles, into a leading whole-system sustainability framework. Since the book’s publication in 1999, Hunter and her colleagues have helped companies and communities use these principles to capture the economic advantages of sustainability.



A Finer Future:Creating an Economy in Service to Life

by L. Hunter Lovins, Stewart Wallis, Anders Wijkman, John Fullerton

A Finer Future is aimed at business leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and anyone who cares about the future of our planet. Rich with stories of communities implementing solutions, it describes the exciting news in the work to transform finance, business, energy agriculture and many other areas of our society to create an economy that works for every one of us.

NCS has decades of experience developing cutting edge, impactful climate change & sustainability solutions for companies, countries, and communities. We support projects…

Wanting to learn more about NCS, natural capitalism, regenerative & circular economies, and understand the role we play as business leaders and policy makers? We have an extensive resource library of Articles, Books, Tools, and network of knowledge.

Natural Capitalism Solutions is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Your donation will help us build a future we can all live and prosper within, giving humankind a sustainable place on a verdant and healing planet.

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