NCS helps clients implement innovative yet pragmatic solutions to corporate sustainability challenges. Our approach is grounded in corporate reality, helping clients seize opportunities, increase profitability and create competitive advantage while responding to pressing global challenges. Through our work, NCS has consulted for companies representing 3 percent of the U.S. GDP – collectively saving over $4 Million for these companies through energy efficiency and sustainable design over the past three years. NCS Corporate  Services Include:

Employee Training
Employees are an organization’s greatest asset, but when it comes to sustainability they are often left out.
Learn how NCS’ online training programs can train and engage employees, driving profitably, enhancing innovation, and maximizing the return on sustainability initiatives.

Strategic Sustainability Planning
Creating a profitable sustainability strategy requires more than setting emission reduction targets and instituting a recycling program – it takes thoughtful strategy, innovative process design and monetized performance metrics. Discover how we work with clients to develop and execute strategic sustainability programs.

Integrated Bottom Line
Every manager knows that non-financial performance contributes to the financial bottom line and vice versa, but how can you prove it? See how the integrated bottom line is changing how the world accounts for sustainability.

Other Services
The global business environment is volatile and constantly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities. As a leading sustainable practitioner, we work on a wide range of issues, from redesigning industry in Asia on behalf of the United Nations, to helping local utilities transition to renewable energy, but all of our projects focus on implementing the business case for sustainability.

Got something else in mind? NCS routinely creates and conducts customized research projects, providing independent, business-critical research to help clients stay ahead of the curve and advance sustainability on an array of topics. Through Natural Capitalism Solutions’ decades of experience and robust network of associates, we can help you identify best practices from the leading practitioners in the field.

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NCS' Philosophy: "NCS is a non-profit. We work with organizations that are authentic in their pursuit of sustainability as a way of fulfilling our mission. This doesn’t mean altruism – businesses should pursue sustainability because it increases profitability and manages risks. It does mean that we choose clients because they are committed to implementing sustainability and not just talking about it."
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