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Natural Capitalism Solutions’ mission is to educate senior decision-makers in business, government and civil society about how to implement more regenerative practices profitably. In partnership with leading thinkers and organizations, Natural Capitalism Solutions creates innovative, practical tools and implementation strategies for companies, communities and countries.


Your donation will help us build a future we can all live and prosper within, giving humankind a sustainable place on a verdant and healing planet.

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Colorado’s Home-Grown Voluntary Carbon Offset Program Now Gets Home-Grown Management

Kelli Barrett Ecosystem Marketplace 29 June 2016 Colorado resident Sandra Laursen was looking for a way to reduce her own personal greenhouse gas emissions, and today her car sports a Project C license plate that [...]

Regenerative Agriculture: The other 50% of the climate solution

The Paris Agreement focuses on emissions, but this is only 50% of the solution. Atmospheric carbon drawdown is the other half of the solution. Hunter Lovins of acknowledges that the French 4 p 1000 Initiative [...]

A Better Story

Sustainable Economy L. Hunter Lovins June 2016 “You walk into the future by laying the runway out in front of people. You clear the impediment littering the ground, smooth the surface, and enable people [...]

Roughly Right vs Really Wrong

Huffington Post L. Hunter Lovins June 2016 Hunter Lovins explains that when it comes to valuing nature, it’s better to be roughly right than really wrong. This article has been submitted as part of the [...]

18 May 2016 | Boulder, CO | 8th Annual ARCS Research Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: "What Sustainability Needs to Know" (Download PDF Slideshow Here) Please contact for the powerpoint slides.

9 May 2016 | Los Angeles, CA |Campbell Hall General Assembly

L. Hunter Lovins: "What Can You Do" (Download PDF Slideshow Here) Please contact for the powerpoint slides.

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NCS helps companies, communities and countries implement the principles presented in the acclaimed book Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, co-authored by NCS’s leader, Hunter Lovins. These principles underpin a whole-system sustainability framework. Since the book’s publication in 1999, Hunter and her colleagues have used these principles to enable citizens to implement profitable sustainability. Their Integrated Bottom Line approach cuts costs, reduces risk, attracts and retains the best talent, engages workers, differentiates brands, drives profitability, and generates market leadership.

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet!

One Percent For The Planet

One Percent For The Planet

Principles for Natural Capitalism

This slows resource depletion, lessens pollution, and increases employment in meaningful jobs. It lowers costs for business and society, halts the degradation of the biosphere, makes it more profitable to employ people, and preserves vital living systems and social cohesion.
This approach enables a wide array of products to be produced using sunlight with processes that emulate nature’s genius. It emphasizes Walter Stahel’s concept of the circular economy and cradle to cradle manufacturing, in which waste is eliminated, materials are reused,  and products are remanufactured.
Such approaches implement ecological economics to create sustainable prosperity. It improves human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risk an ecological scarcities. It supports shared well-being on a healthy planet, delivering greater wealth, intact communities and abundant ecosystem services and natural resources.

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Natural Capitalism Solutions continues to lead the way in creating a path to a sustainable future. Your donation will help us build a future we can all live and prosper within, giving humankind a sustainable place on a verdant and healing planet.





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Coming from a world-renowned expert in sustainability, energy and economics: Renewable energy will prevail.

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Indonesia is one of the leading producers of paper at 9 million tons each year. Deforestation has a direct impact on our climate- find out how with this short film.
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