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Additional Services

Research and Analysis: NCS provides clients with the information they need to make decisions. We deliver defensible data, holistic strategy, actionable next steps, and credible access to global industry thought leaders.

Public Speakingread more here.

Social Mobilization: Most communities use a social marketing approach to entice behavior change that only marginally improves key metrics. Using a stakeholder driven process to design and implement a holistic program, the NCS team can train and support your community to mount successful campaigns to realize hard to achieve goals.

Policy Development: Working with local jurisdictions, NCS supports the development of credible, proven policies needed to effectively implement sustainable and regenerative practices.

Educational Facilities: Many colleges and universities have committed to sustainability and/or going carbon neutral. Schools are investing in energy efficiency projects, creating sustainability curriculum, or reporting to AASHE STARS. Unfortunately, many of these same schools are struggling to figure out how to achieve their goals, let alone larger commitments of climate neutrality under the ACPUCC (American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment), while reaping the benefits. Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) helps schools build sustainability and climate action programs that not only exceed goals and commitments, but deliver tangible value to students, faculty, and the bottom line. Led by world famous sustainability educator and implementer, Hunter Lovins, NCS is the world’s leading institutional sustainability expert in operational implementation, academic/curriculum development, and integration, all while directly educating and inspiring students.

Contact Isabel Nuesse [email protected] to explore an engagement with Natural Capitalism Solutions tailored to your specific needs.