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Peter Krahenbuhl

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Consulting



Peter is a sustainability, business development and communications leader with years of experience in working with the private sector, governmental and non-governmental organizations. As Co-founder and former President of Sustainable Travel International (STI), he helped develop and grow a start-up organization into a global industry leader with outreach in the millions. He has implemented and continues to advise regarding best practices solutions for small to Fortune 500 Companies, destinations and governments.

Peter developed several multi-industry firsts as one of the world’s leading experts in triple bottom line standards and carbon management solutions. He also specializes in strategic planning, organizational management, business and program development; Stakeholder engagement and network leadership; CSR and public / industry relations, including integrating sustainability into branding, packaging and marketing. Peter has led or advised multiple global sustainability councils and executive level business networks.  At the destination level, he has assessed or helped develop regional standards, national sustainable tourism policy and planning activities, and education and training programs.

Prior to that Peter worked in the adventure travel industry in all aspects of operations, sales, business and product development. His leadership experience extends to working on international community development and conservation projects, being a published author related to sustainability topics and travel, and as a recognized industry and public speaker.

Please contact Peter ([email protected]) if you are interested in supporting or getting involved in any of our programs.