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Jake Mitchell

Sustainability Analyst

“It is, by common consent, a good thing for people to get back to nature.” – Aldo Leopold

D. Jacob Mitchell (Jake) grew up in the rural countryside of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Here, in the natural landscape and ecological biodiversity of New England forests, he fell in love with the natural world and humans interactions with it. Whether it was mountain biking, skiing, or just hiking, Jake was always in the woods or outside. Jake even retreated into the woods here during his undergrad for a month to properly develop his land ethic and connect with the natural world. Jake moved to Colorado six years ago and began working on his Bachelors degree at the University of Northern Colorado. Four years later, he received a B.A. in Environmental and Sustainability studies with a minor in earth science. During this time he was also assistant director of the Student LEAF fund, a revenue stream for sustainable campus projects. After school he went into the manufacturing industry as a salesman. It was during this work he decided he wanted to focus on corporate and producer side sustainability, a top-down approach. Additionally during this time, Jake worked with a solar company and permaculture non-profit to keep his passion and value concurrent with his professional goals. It was during this working period that he decided to attain a graduate degree.

Jake has a Master’s in Environmental Management Degree with an emphasis in Sustainable and Resilient Communities. It is here that Jake has been working on a myriad of different projects reaching into different industries and community development plans. Including work on the industrial gas manufacturing industry, which he presented to a global audience in Germany in July of 2016. Jake received his Graduate Degree in the spring of 2017 with the help of Natural Capitalism Solutions by developing the Climate Action Roadmap. Jake was brought onto the NCS team in Spring of 2017 as a full time employee.

Jake believes in a mutualistic relationship with nature, where we can learn from it’s systems and processes to produce a healthier and more sustainable world. Although his goals and values are born in the natural world and his appreciation for the environment, he can often be found saying: “I don’t fight for nature for nature’s sake, I do it for humanity. We are making this world unlivable for ourselves, nature will continue to move forward whether we are here or not.”