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L. Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, shares her knowledge with the Huffington Post community. CLICK HERE to see her latest writings.

Leading for Well-being
Leading for Well-being02/08/2016
In a world beset with woes, people hunger for a sense of who they are, where they belong and what they believe in.

Sixty million refugees are on the move, climate chaos is upon us, and the global economy teeters. Demagogues call for the worst in us, and find fertile ground in a political alienation that allows a flight to easy answers and loss of liberty in pursuit of stability.

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We’ve all felt it. Anxiety before an exam; the realization that we are about to be hurt, the sick feeling when kids with Kalashnikovs kill hundreds in the streets of Paris. Once, as the crew boss on a fire crew, I was assigned to protect a house against a fast moving brush fire. Deployed at the road’s edge, we got hoses ready, truck pump primed. Then the flames came at us, bigger and faster than we’d thought. Our only option was to hold our position, stay behind our fog spray and fight it.

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