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Transforming the Global Economic Paradigm ASAP

Global Economy Huffington Post L. Hunter Lovins June 2013 This article has been submitted as part of the Natural Capital Coalition’s series of blogs on natural capital by Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capitalism Solutions, Professor of Sustainable Management, Bard MBA and Time Magazine Millennium “Hero of the Planet”. We all  know well the challenges facing us. From reversing ecological and economic collapses to meeting the development needs of seven billion (and growing) residents of our planet, we’ve got our work cut out for us. But what can one person—or one organization—do? A lot. Join me on an adventure to transform the global economic paradigm. […]

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A Rare Step Forward on Climate Change

Pollutants Huffington Post L. Hunter Lovins June 2013 This article has been submitted as part of the Natural Capital Coalition’s series of blogs on natural capital by Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capitalism Solutions, Professor of Sustainable Management, Bard MBA and Time Magazine Millennium “Hero of the Planet”. Since international negotiations on global climate change began, it has been the case that the two countries most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions today – the United States and China – could lead the world on the issue if they could agree with one another. They haven’t gotten there yet, but they took a meaningful step last Saturday when Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping agreed to cooperate on phasing out the use of HFCs – a class of potent greenhouse gases used as refrigerants and in industrial processes. The description of the agreement released by the White House notes that “a global phase down of HFCs could potentially reduce some 90 gigatons of CO2 equivalent by 2050, equal to roughly two years worth of current global greenhouse gas emissions”. […]

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Toward A New Development Paradigm

Fern For: Solutions By:  ASAP coordinating group: Robert Costanza, Jacqueline McGlade, Steve de Bonvoisin, Petra Fagerholm, Joshua Farley, Enrico Giovannini, Ida Kubiszewski, Frances Moore Lappé, Hunter Lovins, Kate Pickett, Greg Norris, Thomas Prugh, Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, Debra Roberts, and Richard Wilkinson 31 May 2013  “Conscious that unsustainable patterns of production and consumption can impede sustainable development, and recognizing the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and well-being of all peoples.” ~ United Nations General Assembly, Resolution 65/309, 2011 To meet the growing challenges facing humanity, many individuals, communities and societies are actively  exploring different ways of looking at the world. Some have sought to describe a society in which happiness is the primary goal. Others have developed policies for a global economy based on a more thorough understanding of how safeguarding resources underpins the creation of material wealth. Others anticipate catastrophic events and surprises as portents of the future. Whilst different in substance, all these approaches have the common goal of lifting society to a new level of sustainable well-being. The King of Bhutan recently convened an International Expert Working Group to synthesize and integrate many of these ideas in order to set forth a New Development Paradigm. […]

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"Powerful Interview" by Adam Hammes

Science and Technology Eco-Influence.com (by Adam Hammes) 29 MAY 2013 Adam Hammes [ I] caught Hunter Lovins on the phone recently for a quick (and poignant) interview about influence.  She was frank and insightful — pulling no punches.  It’s worth a listen! Hunter Lovins has been a leading author (14 books!) and promoter of sustainable development for over [...]

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Hunter Teaches the Virtues of Green Business Development by Douglas Brown

Sustainable Development Denver Post “Hunter Teaches the Virtues of Green Business Development” (by Douglas Brown) 16 May 2013 Climate-change activist L. Hunter Lovins teaches at several universities, runs a few nonprofits, writes books and gives talks around the world. She was named a “green business icon” by Newsweek, and a millennium “Hero of the Planet” by Time magazine. The Longmont resident is, simply put, an international leader in the field of sustainable development and climate change, with a particular emphasis on business and how capitalism can thrive in a green economy. When she talks about the topics — and she probably spends most of her days immersed in conversation about things like hydraulic fracturing, solar energy, carbon credits and drought — facts and figures roll off her tongue, and a certain passion captivates her. Listening to her, you think: Here is a person I want on my side. The forester, social scientist and lawyer has been fixated on sustainable development for decades. In 1982 she co-founded with her then-husband, Amory Lovins, the Rocky Mountain Institute, a Snowmass nonprofit that wrestles with sustainability issues. Now, among many other things, she leadsNatural Capitalism Solutions, a nonprofit that helps businesses turn green. Lovins, 63, who grew up in the mountains east of Los Angeles in a family of social activists, first moved to Colorado when she was 15 to go to high school. She never looked back, and she rarely removes her black cowboy hat, at least in public. Given Lovins’ high profile, you might expect an office with a certain kind of green grandeur — something contemporary, with concrete floors and exposed metal and beetle-kill wood. But it’s just a small, turn-of-the-last-century farmhouse with creaky floors and sagging bookshelves and a draft in downtown Hygiene, which is little more than a rural intersection with a store and a cafe in unincorporated Boulder County. The beat-up (and charming) farm house, the miniature town with its market selling homemade tamales and local lamb — these are Lovins’ kind of places. She lives on a nearby ranch, where she keeps a lot of horses and routinely adopts dogs. But she spends a good bit of her time in this atmospheric slip of a town. Douglas Brown: I read your book, “Climate Capitalism.” It was full of hope, but it was infused with doom, too.  Are we doomed? […]

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9 May 2013 | Chicago, IL | ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame

International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) Annual Conference Hunter Lovins inducted into their  Hall of Fame PRESS: 3BL Media “Sustainability Leaders to Gather In Chicago May 8-10 for ISSP Conference 2013” (Press Release) 26 April 2013 […]

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28 April 2013 | Berkeley, CA | California Student Sustainability Coalition

California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) Convergence at UC Berkeley "Lead. Follow, Or Get Out of the Way" by L. Hunter Lovins

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22 April 2013 | Elon, NC | Elon University

Earth Day at Elon University "The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save our Economic Ass" by Hunter Lovins (Download PDF Slideshow Here) Please contact [email protected] for the powerpoint slides. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PMnQHO4pWM

Swing for the Fences

Renewable Energy How many times are you offered the chance to really swing for the fences? To be a part of something that could shape the future? Most days are the usual sort: e-mails to be answered, classes to be prepared, reporters to be spoken with, articles to be drafted, corporate consultations to be walked through, interns to be folded into our ongoing projects…. It’s good work. If we’re lucky, it adds up to genuine change: a company commits to adopt more sustainable practices, students choose lives of being change agents, someone reads something I’ve written and says, “That’s how I want to spend my life.” Then I read a piece like Joe Romm’s Climate Progress post: “The Dangerous Myth That Climate Change is Reversible” and I wonder if what I’m doing is anywhere near enough. So when an opportunity to try for a really big difference flies at me, I swing.   People can be excused for thinking I live a glamorous life: 2013 began by setting sail (literally) with the Unreasonable Institute – on the Semester at Sea ship. Blue water over the bow, 25 kick-ass entrepreneurs to be mentored, 600 undergraduates to talk with over meals, and guest lecture to, and Bishop Desmond Tutu for company. I loved it, but left the ship in Hawaii – it’s somewhere off Africa now – to scramble back to the Central Coast of California to give a speech for Pacific Gas and Electric. And was delighted to see that THEIR first slide was titled: The Business Case for Sustainability. […]

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13 Mar 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UCB Lab for Manufacturing & Sustainability

"Engineering for Sustainability" by L. Hunter Lovins (Download PDF Slideshow Here) Please contact [email protected] for the powerpoint slides. This is Hunter's guest lecture for Dr. Dave Dornfield's Lab for Manufacturing & Sustainability.

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