NCS Employee Spotlight: AJ Grosenbaugh

/NCS Employee Spotlight: AJ Grosenbaugh/

NCS Employee Spotlight: AJ Grosenbaugh

Natural Capitalism Solutions Employee Spotlight AJ GROSENBAUGH   AJ Grosenbaugh has been with Natural Capitalism Solutions for almost a year. Starting as an intern and moving onto a full-time employee  this past may, he's been a huge asset to the NCS team. Read more about him below! Height? 6'2"   Hobbies? Tinkering, whether its the [...]

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Ocean Acidification Still Matters in Colorado

Blog Post: Ocean Acidification BY: TATJANA KUNZ (Summer Intern 2017)   Even those of us in landlocked Colorado, 745 miles from the nearest shore, rely on the ocean. The ocean absorbs large amounts of the carbon dioxide that we release, provides us with tasty seafood, is a major source for pharmaceuticals, and generates 70 percent [...]

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4 October 2017 | Boulder, CO | Rachel’s Network Fall Retreat

L. Hunter Lovins “The Mother of All Disruptions” (Download PDF Slideshow Here) Please contact [email protected] for the powerpoint slides.

Sue the Bastards

Floods Huffington Post L. Hunter Lovins September 2017 When flood waters rose in Houston and Hurricane Harvey spread eastward to already battered regions of the Gulf coast, the urgent priority was preservation of life, evacuation of those threatened and long-term care of the displaced. The unfolding tragedy that is Harvey has already killed dozens, with more [...]

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Business Stepping Up Episode II: Entrepreneuring a Finer Future

Huffington Post L. Hunter Lovins August 2017 Episode II – Wrath of Businesses Stepping Up Finer Future With Alejandro Crawford: managing director of Acceleration Group, and partner in Tangible Creative, As the U.S. steps back from the Paris Climate Agreement and doubles down on the economies of yesterday, business leaders must step up. Last week I presented the business case [...]

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Business Stepping Up: The Principles of Sustainable Management

Sustainable Management Huffington Post L. Hunter Lovins August 2017 The first in a series in which I will chat with change-agent professors delivering sustainability expertise. In the early 1990s, Professor Mike Russo suggested that there was a broader context for our work helping companies profit by using resources more efficiently. There is, he stated, a [...]

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Crisis May Trigger Transition

Policy Forum February 2017 Biodiversity Could Trump be the catalyst for a seismic shift toward a sustainable and desirable future? The election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency could enable the creative destruction needed for the transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world, write Robert Costanza, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Maja Göpel, [...]

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AWOKE || KUCI Radio Interview with Hunter Lovins || July 5, 2017

On July 5, Hunter spoke with KUCI Radio to discuss current business trends, our present economy and the impacts of global climate change. For more on the talk-show host Calvin Grace, visit his website here.  

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3 July 2017 | Munich, Germany | Radical Hope: Inspiring Sustainability Transformations through Our Past

L. Hunter Lovins “Radical Hope for a Finer Future”

Annual Conference of The CLUB OF ROME 2016 in Berlin

Interviews from the attendees of the Annual Meeting of the Club of Rome, in Berlin, November 2016. Hunter Lovins was in attendance.

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