Policy & Research Intern

The Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) was created in January 2007 to develop policy recommendations on climate change and clean energy for the 2008 presidential candidates and, subsequently, the Obama Administration. The project issued four reports containing more than 200 recommended changes in federal policies and programs. PCAP issued a report in January 2011 that updated the progress of the Obama Administration in comparison to the recommendations of the 2008 report. With the impending election, PCAP is working on a new report making recommendations for the next four years.

The Policy & Research Intern will help research which of the past recommendations have and have not been accomplished, as well as propose new recommendations. The intern will be part of a fast-paced push to wrap the project up in December. The intern will work for Bill Becker, the Executive Director at Natural Capitalism Solutions.

The Intern Will:

  • Be responsible for assuring the quality of the research around PCAP recommendations.
  • Take an active part in innovative discussions and planning sessions involving critical thinking about sustainability and climate issues and practice.
  • Receive recognition for work on published reports.
  • Assist Bill Becker with various tasks, including some necessary administrative tasks.
  • Interact as directed with PCAP’s leadership, International Advisory Committee, and Creative Team.
  • Participate in local conferences, industry & networking events, & staff meetings.

Required Qualifications:

  • Exceptional research skills and experience
  • Sufficient knowledge of current climate policy
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Working knowledge of social media
  • Ability to be flexible and multitask
  • Responsible and able to take initiative

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Bachelors degree (in progress ok)
  • A desire to learn
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • The ability to ask for help
  • Webmaster experience is a plus (ability to maintain and update a website)

The internship is unpaid (but can be for credit) and part-time (flexible).

Interns need to be able to work in the office part-time to complete internship duties.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Lily Thaisz, resume@natcapsolutions.org with the subject line “Policy & Research Internship Application.”