Toby Russell

TRChief Executive Officer (Special Advisor)

As a special advisor, Toby Russell has helped to refine Natural Capitalism Solutions’ offerings to ensure they are scalable, profitable, and in-line with the mission. With his strong interpersonal, he helps to empower the skilled and dynamic staff at NCS and provides high-level input on all project work. Using his strong background in education and technology, Toby offers assistance in NCS’ academic work, curriculum development, and e-learning programs. Previously, Toby managed several projects, including Solutions @ the Speed of Business and small business trainings, and supported Hunter in her Sustainability MBA course at Presidio Graduate School.

Toby Russell was born and raised in Scotland and earned a Masters degree in Management Studies from the University of Glasgow. He moved to Chicago in 2003 and managed online marketing for the largest independent music promoter in the country. In 2005 he moved to Colorado and worked with the state PIRG’s, a national network of environmental and consumer groups, overseeing their online campaigns.