Collin Marshall

collinCollin, a recent transplant to Colorado, is originally from Durham, North Carolina. During his tenure at Appalachian State, Collin studied sustainability, earning a BS in Appropriate Technology. Appalachian State’s Director of Sustainability, Ged Moody, mentored Collin towards his goal of becoming a sustainability professional in higher education.

Upon finishing his undergraduate degree, Collin chose to expand his sustainability perspective and pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainability Solutions at Arizona State University. During his time at Arizona State, Collin worked with multiple clients to form strategic sustainability plans and assessment reports in the effort of cultivating more sustainable business models. It was apparent that many organizations that were not measuring a particular sustainability impact were also failing to measure their sustainability effectively. Therefore, Collin specialized in developing critical competencies in quantifying sustainability impacts using techniques and tools such as life cycle assessments, greenhouse gas emissions inventories, graphic information systems, and industrial ecology.

As a fellow, Collin focuses on the Colorado Mountain College sustainability assessment and plan. He is responsible for all data collection, the college wide GHG emission inventory, identifying campus sustainability best practices, and CMC internship management.

To reach Collin regarding our CMC work or consulting in general, email him at