2011 Interns

Scroll through to meet our awesome 2011 interns.

Becky Johns (Fall)

While completing her undergraduate studies in Accounting & Business Administration at Washington & Lee University, Becky developed a passion for community service that spurred summer internships in economic development and international health. She moved to Atlanta to work in tax consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers with the goal of gaining skills she could bring to nonprofits. After many years working with large businesses, she determined that she could best make an impact through sustainability consulting. To facilitate the transition, she moved from Atlanta to Boulder to pursue an MBA focused in sustainability and operations at the University of Colorado. Working with Natural Capitalism Solutions has only solidified Becky’s passion for helping businesses understand the value in environmental and social sustainability. She is particularly interested in product life cycle and waste mitigation. Becky loves to travel, hike, run, bike, ski, garden, and spend time with friends whenever she has the chance.

Jenny Gerson (Fall)

Jenny graduated from University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Evolutionary and Ecological Biology. After graduation, Jenny worked as an ecologist for an environmental consulting firm for three years where she conducted wildlife use assessments for wind, solar, and other energy development sites as well as government sites. Jenny left this position in pursuit of a job in the field of sustainability management where she hopes to have a greater influence in conserving our world from an environmental, social, and economic perspective. Jenny plans to go back to school for a Masters in Business Administration. In her free time, Jenny enjoys swimming, traveling, and all of the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Tanner Hayes (Fall)

Tanner graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a double major in Economics and Environmental Studies. After reading Climate Capitalism he became interested in the intersection of business, society, and issues of sustainability. While at NCS he chose to participate in NCS’s corporate sustainability consulting and sustainable economic development practices, and helped create content for corporate clients’ sustainability education models and University of Denver’s Sustainability Leadership and Implementation certificate program. He hopes to pursue a meaningful career in consulting that identifies shared opportunities for improving business performance, reducing environmental degradation, and bettering peoples’ health. In his spare time Tanner is an avid skier and snowboarder. When not on the slopes he loves to read, cook, and climb Colorado’s 14ers.

Stephen Sheehan (Fall)

Stephen is currently enjoying his final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado. His love of the outdoors inspired him to pursue a degree in Environmental Science with a focus on natural resources and sustainable development. Originally interested in biological research, his attention later shifted to incorporate a more holistic perspective of science and sociology when he learned of the environmental consequences associated with our societal status quo. This is where his interest in Natural Capitalism Solutions and sustainability developed. Stephen enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, mountaineering, and other potentially harmful activities.

Owen Barrett (Summer)

Owen is currently pursuing a Master’s of Environmental Science and Management at the UCSB Bren School. He previously studied finance and economics at Bentley University and worked in finance for two years. Owen’s time as a climbing guide in the Sierra Nevadas helped him realized his true passion for the environment and sustainability and was a strong driver for his decision to attend graduate school. In April 2010, Owen incorporated SustainaBall Change, a non-profit organization that delivers soccer balls internationally. As an NCS intern, Owen hopes to gain experience in sustainable development consulting. Owen is an outdoor sports junkie and loves climbing, surfing, trail running, snowboarding, triathlons, and pretty much anything outside; he is stoked to spend a summer in Boulder!

Maggie Flanagan (Summer)

Maggie is currently pursuing an MBA in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. She became passionate about business solutions to health and environmental problems while working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar. Maggie worked for Blue Ventures as the family planning project manager educating communities about the link between high birth rates, unsustainable fishing practices, food security, and reef degradation. While working with Natural Capitalism Solutions, she hopes to learn more about the potential for markets for eco-system services. Maggie is a runner, scuba diver, and lover of snow, sun, and coffee at all times of the day.

Savannah Hyland (Summer)

Savannah will graduate from CU Boulder in the spring of 2012. She is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science, with an emphasis in international environment and development, as well as completing a pre-health minor. Born in Colorado, Savannah has had experience with nature ever since she was little. Growing up with two older brothers, Savannah learned to appreciate the natural world through hiking 14ers and camping with her family. Living in Boulder throughout college has only increased her desire to treat the environment right, so has continuing to be active through running, biking, hiking, swimming, and anything else she gets the opportunity to try. Savannah is extremely egger to gain knowledge of environmental consulting with NCS this summer, as she hopes to be involved internationally in sustainability throughout her life. Savannah desires to help people and businesses understand how to change their lifestyles and practices, as well as why it will benefit not only themselves, but also the world.

Matt Klahn (Summer)

Matt Klahn was born in the mountains of Colorado, outside of Aspen, which is where his concerns for the environment and sustainability began. He pursued further education on these subjects during his grade school education. Matt made his decision to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder because of the progressive steps being taken in this community to improve awareness of sustainability. It was in the School of Engineering and Applied Science that he found out about the Engineering for Developing Communities focus, which allowed him to take technical electives dealing with sustainability. Matt will graduate in December 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering and plans to continue working with sustainability wherever his career may take him. In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time in the mountains, whether that be snowboarding in the winter or hiking in the summer. He takes every opportunity he gets to spend time outside.

Amy Meyer (Summer)

Amy Meyer, a junior this fall at the University of Colorado at Boulder, is pursuing a double degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Environmental Studies. After learning about the concept of natural capitalism in a class on Environmental Ethics, she is eager to see it applied in the real world. After completing her undergraduate studies Amy plans to attend law school with a focus on the environment and sustainability. She hopes to work with corporations to achieve better practices in their treatment of the planet and its people. As a Colorado native, Amy’s appreciation of the beauty of her natural surroundings has only grown, and she hopes to learn more about how to combat the issues threatening it through her work at NCS this summer. In her free time, Amy enjoys hiking, camping, reading good books, and gardening.

Charlotte Liger (Spring-Summer)

Charlotte Liger studies at EM LYON, a Business School in France. She is working toward a masters degree in Business and specializes in sustainable development. Consulting in sustainable development is her career goal, and she dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and creating her own Clean Tech company. She loves traveling, nature, and outdoor activities and sports, and that is why Boulder seems to be the perfect place for her.

Bonnie Lucara (Spring-Fall)

Bonnie is a very energetic and passionate individual. She’s lived nearly all her life in the Rocky Mountains, including many years in the Denver and Boulder areas. Bonnie has degrees from ASU and the University of Denver and her experience includes program coordinating, recruiting, training, counseling, waste management, and event planning. She is both a big idea person and good with the details. She understands the business case for sustainability and has appreciated the opportunity to learn both sustainability theory and implementation strategies. She loves the variety of projects she gets to work on and the dynamic teamwork with other staff and interns. Bonnie plans to use her background and skills to help government and business improve services and efficiency, while reducing costs and environmental impact. Her interests include hiking, skiing, games, family, gardening, scrapbooking, triathlons, and most recently, paragliding.

Dan Moore (Spring)

Dan Moore is a software engineer with an interest in sustainability. After growing up in Colorado, he migrated to eastern Washington, where he received a B.A. in Physics from Whitman College. Returning to Colorado, he worked for an Internet consulting company at the height of the bubble, but left for a wanderjahr in Australia and New Zealand. Returning to Colorado (again) he built software as a freelancer, worked in startups, and pursued further non-accredited education in sustainability (primarily composting and permaculture). Dan is excited to be at Natural Capitalism Solutions because of the business focus and learning opportunities. He believes that corporations are great points of leverage for increasing sustainability in our society. In his free time, Dan reads, blogs, cycles, and hikes.

Brad Sheehan (Spring)

Brad graduated from The University of Notre Dame in May 2010 with a self-designed major in Environmental Studies & Sustainable Design. Freshman year he studied Environmental Studies and Interpersonal Communication at Santa Clara University (SCU). His experience at SCU nourished his academic passion for environmental sustainability and inspired him to design his own major at Notre Dame, where an environmental studies program has yet to be formalized. His major at Notre Dame was an interdisciplinary exploration of humans’ relation with the natural world with a specific focus on how the interpersonal relationships humans have with everyday products can be a means of communicating and incorporating environmental sustainability. His study in sustainable design taught him to operate and design by the principles of Cradle-to-Cradle and Biomimicry, and to use such tools as Life Cycle Analysis and Design for Disassembly to aid in making products live much longer more useful lives. Outside of his academic experiences, Brad has always had a love for nature. His family experiences in the Rocky Mountains, his years in the Boys Scouts, and his long camping and staff career at Geneva Glen Camp nurtured a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and resourcefulness of our planet. Brad is eager to pursue a career in the creative industries of Colorado.