2009 Interns

April Economides (June)

April Economides is a graduate candidate at the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco, where she is attaining her MBA in Sustainable Management. Her main career interests involve working with local governments, business groups, and public-private partnerships in helping cities and businesses become more environmentally sustainable. She’s especially passionate about greening city centers, architecture, urban planning, vertical gardens and the arts. In 2003, she founded the green marketing firm Green Octopus Consulting, which works with small businesses and non-profits.

Christopher Eichenauer (June-October)

Christopher Eichenauer graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Film/ Video Production in 2007. After working in the commercial editing world, Christopher set his sights on environmentalism and working to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet. He came to Natural Capitalism Solutions after reading Natural Capitalism, which instilled in him a strong desire to learn how to build sustainable business practices on a global scale. He is currently seeking a degree in Environmental Studies and Economics at CU Boulder. Christopher intends to pursue a career in sustainable business planning and consulting with a focus on natural resource conservation. He enjoys greening people’s homes, writing, camping, hiking, and reading with a good cup of tea.

Avery Ellis (August-December)

Avery Ellis is a graduate of Stockton College with a B.S. in Biology. During his undergraduate studies he spent a semester in India, studying sustainability in depth, exploring renewable energy systems, sustainable building methods, grey water treatment, and organic food production while also studying meditation and yoga for personal sustainability. After graduating with honors, he spent the next two years exploring the working world of sustainability. He worked on a biodynamic organic farm, supervised large scale recycling & composting, and was on a solar panel installation crew. He is now enrolled in an Ecological Design Masters Program (at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture) where he hopes to learn enough about architecture and design to one day build homes and communities that are fully self sufficient, helping to create a new paradigm for humanity. In his free time, Avery loves to snowboard, rock climb, play music, hike, and explore the outdoors.

Brayden Hass (January-May)

Brayden Hass grew up in Andover Massachusetts. Before attending UC Boulder for Engineering Physics he traveled around Europe and the United States. Brayden also volunteers for Engineers Without Boarders where he is applying his engineering skills to help design and build a water purification system for a community in Peru. Brayden loves living near the Rocky Mountains because he can go rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, and camping.

Ben Horowitz (June-September)

Ben Horowitz is a graduate of UC Boulder’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Ben joined the Natural Capitalism Solutions team in May, 2009, returning to Boulder after a yearlong stint reporting from interior British Columbia’s energy frontier.

Alexander Kent August (August-2010)

Alexander Kent is currently in his fifth year at CU studying environmental biology and economics. He is passionate about the wilderness, and is interested in sustainability as a primary method of ensuring that future generations enjoy our wilderness areas. He is currently working with Natural Capitalism Solutions to gain experience on how sustainability functions in a business context. After graduating he plans to pursue an MBA that focuses on socially responsible business entrepreneurship.

Emily Krall (June-August)

Emily Krall is a recent graduate from Whitman College with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sociology.  She is from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where here family owns a small, independent bookstore.  Emily has done environmental research in Walla Walla, Washington, Argentina, and Steamboat Springs.  She completed her thesis on the impact of the mountain pine beetle epidemic on communities’ connection with the local environment in Colorado.  She has also researched the effects of ecotourism on small villages in Patagonia.  Emily has two articles published in HomeLink Magazine, a publication that provides local environmental information to community members.  She enjoys the outdoors, speaking Spanish, and bluegrass music.  She has recently moved to Boulder, Colorado and is excited to get involved with the grassroots environmental community.

Tim Morzel (August-December)

Tim is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado, where he majored in Economics and minored in Business Administration. During his time at CU he became interested in environmental and development economics, which eventually led to an interest in working for Natural Capitalism Solutions. In the future he hopes to remain involved in sustainability and environmental issues.  During his free time h enjoys playing tennis, fly fishing, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Zoe Walder-Hoge (June-December)

Zoe Walder-Hoge is a sophomore Bonner Scholar attending Earlham College in Richmond, IN where she is studying Peace and Global Studies. She is a Boulder native and grew up on a small family farm co-op, milking goats and gardening organically. Zoe has been a Teaching Assistant for Thorne Ecological Institute, and is passionate about environmental issues. She attended the 2009 Powershift conference in DC, and loves to camp, hike, and play her fiddle and cello.