2008 Interns

Heather Braithwite (May-April 2009)
After leaving her hometown of Virginia Beach, VA in 1992, Heather soon began a gardening career in Atlanta, Ga. that lasted for nine years. Once her plants started to act funny and she was able to use different varieties her curiosity got the best of her and she soon found out about the concept of global warming. At that point, Heather packed up and headed west to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies from CU-Boulder. She studied the hard sciences at first to better understand climate change and its implications, but soon realized that she was interested in the concept of sustainability. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and having owned my own small business, she decided to focus my energy on sustainability and small businesses for an honors thesis. Aside from sustainability in all shapes and forms, Heather enjoys photography, cooking, camping, snowboarding, fishing, and most importantly her family including two great dogs.


Hillary Byerly (January-May)
Hilary Byerly is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado, where she double-majored in International Affairs and Environmental Studies. A Colorado native and mountain girl, her interest in sustainability was piqued during a semester abroad in Argentina, studying social movements and human rights. After an internship in Buenos Aires with a non-profit that focused on sustainable development, she returned to Boulder excited to work towards a practical and compassionate solution to climate change. Personal reasons for wanting to redress global warming include a love for skiing, mountain biking, traveling, and the polar bear club.


Lynsey Engle (September-January 2009)
Lynsey Engle is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Business. Her love of the environment coupled with her education and background in business has been the basis for her interest in sustainability.  A native of Pennsylvania, Lynsey moved to Colorado to further her education in an environment that offered a wide range of outdoor activities.  In her free time Lynsey enjoys hiking, traveling, SCUBA diving and home brewing.

Emma Goodstein (May-July)Amy Guinan (August-December)

Lauren Higgins (May-July)
Lauren Higgins holds a bachelors degree in Organizational Communication and Spanish from Metro State College of Denver. She brings experience in leadership, group facilitation, training and development, and consulting. With a special affinity towards holistic organizations Lauren’s work is focused on sustainable organizational development, organizational democracy, and corporate social responsibility. Her passions include systems thinking, organizational learning, playing music, growing her own food, and traveling south of the border. At NCS, she assists  with research, funding, and helping to develop the business case for social sustainability.

Alex Jarboe (Jay-May)
Alex was born in Washington D.C. and raised outside Philadelphia. Before attending the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder, he graduated from a Quaker school that focused on peace, service, equality, and truth. Trying to marry business and social good, he created an arcade in a small town in Guatemala to help fund the local library. Alex has previously worked at the United States Secret Service and have traveled throughout Europe and the Caribbean. In his free time he loves to play sports and enjoy spending time with my amazing dog.

Ryan Long: (August-March)
Ryan is a Colorado native and is currently a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is majoring in International Affairs and French and became interested in sustainability after joining a student group called INVST (International National Volunteer Service Training), which is focused around creating sustainability in our community and world. Unsure how to pursue sustainability in his own life, Ryan came to Natural Capitalism Solutions with INVST and found it to be a very inspiring and logical way to create sustainability in our world. After graduation, he attends to pursue a career concerning natural resources and sustainable development. In his free time Ryan spends a lot of time outdoors, doing this such as hiking, biking and snowboarding.


Tucker Pyne (January-May)
Tucker Pyne is a senior communication and philosophy student at the University of Colorado. He was first introduced to the field of sustainable development in 2004 when he traveled to Piaui, Brazil. There, he taught English to the Green Wing Valley community in preparation for the growth of eco-tourism. He returned to Brazil in 2007 to learn more about this industry and to photograph jaguars. At NCS, Tucker assists with research, video work, and he is currently working on the climate protection manual for businesses.


Toby Russell (January-2009)
Toby was born and brought up in Scotland and graduated in 2002 from the University of Glasgow with a masters degree in Management Studies. After marrying he moved to the U.S. and worked with various environmental advocacy groups before shifting his focus to work with businesses. He has been lucky enough to live in some amazingly beautiful places including Scotland, Uganda, New Zealand and Colorado. In his free time he enjoys music, art, snowboarding and hiking. Toby has been helping NCS as a Teaching Assistant to Hunter Lovins at the Presidio School of Management, Spring 2008.  Toby is now staff.


Lily Thaisz (August-2009)
Lily Thaisz is a recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington with a BS in Environmental Science. As a San Diego native, she loves the outdoors and spent most of her childhood in the ocean. She started her environmental career early teaching composting in local schools after becoming a Master Composter at the age of 12. She moved to Boulder in August to experience life in the mountains and start applying what she learned in school. Lily loves to travel, play ultimate Frisbee, and any activity that gets her outside!  Lily is now staff.