2004 Interns

Ryan Cone:

Ryan Cone is a recent graduate of Loyola University New Orleans, majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies. His focus spans holistic and integral systems, community activism, and eco-efficiency. He has worked with the Florida Consumer Action Network, The Antarctica Project in Washington D.C., Loyola University’s Environmental Audit, and the New Orleans Mayor’s Office of Environmental Affairs. Ryan is focused on helping NCI with community economic development.

Amin Delagah:

A native Boulderite, Amin Delagah recently joined NCI after living in Australia the past two years. In Australia he completed a Masters of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering, Minor in Cleaner Production. Previously he earned a BS. Mechanical Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder. At NCI Amin states he is, “gaining experience in my chosen field and contributing to the sustainability movement.” On the weekends, Amin pursues photography, Ultimate Frisbee and biking.

Dedee DeLongpre:

Dedee DeLongpre is currently pursuing an MBA through Presidio World College where she studied sustainable management principles and implementation under Hunter Lovins and Walter Link. For the past ten years, Dedee has worked in NGO administration for educational and international species conservation organizations. She earned a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Southern California. Dedee is currently working on curriculum development for NCI.

Anna Elliot:

Anna Elliot was valedictorian of Milton Academy and presented alongside Bill Clinton during commencement ceremonies. She is a second year student at Hampshire College studying mediation and sustainable development. She has recently interned with William Ury learning the art of conflict resolution, and is serving us as a research assistant. She enjoys traveling, music and the arts in her spare time.

Daniel Goodnow:

Dan Goodnow is currently a student at Colorado College pursuing a degree in Economics. After taking a sustainable development class co-taught by Natural Capitalism’s very own Christopher Juniper, Dan signed on to help with marketing and research. Originally from Wisconsin, Dan loves to play outside in all forms of sport and will soon be on his way to Alaska to do a long backpacking and canoeing trip for the month of August.

Matthew Heck:

Matt Heck is currently pursuing a BA in Environmental Studies at CU Boulder. He is an avid cyclist, climber, hiker and backpacker. He is currently assisting NCI in the editing, internet research, and fundraising with foundations. After graduation, Matt plans on applying for graduate study in sustainability, specifically focusing on the city/community levels.

Adam Mott:

Adam Mott is working toward his Masters degree in Industrial Design at San Francisco State University. His passion for the environment coupled with an interest in product design has led him to focus on sustainable design. Adam’s goal is to develop innovative designs that incorporate sustainability while also satisfying consumer demands. Adam is currently contributing his design background along with his marketing skills to NCI operations.

Jennifer Toms:

Jennifer Toms is currently double majoring in Environmental Studies and Spanish at the University of Colorado. Previously she has worked with Environment Colorado promoting a renewable energy standard throughout Colorado. Jennifer has recently joined us at NCI to help with research after working the last month as a translator in Guatemala.

Jessica Wichter:

Jessica Wichter earned a BS in Biological Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She studied abroad in Zanzibar, Tanzania in the Fall of 2002, where she developed an environmental education curriculum with the Ministry of Education for the Zanzibar Teacher’s Training College on the island. While in school she completed her thesis on the skeletal morphology and adaptations of howler monkeys in Nicaragua, and interned with the Colorado Environmental Coalition doing development work. After graduating, she joined the Peace Corps and once again found herself in the jungles of Nicaragua, where she worked with the school system to incorporate environmental education in the curriculum. Her time in the Peace Corps taught her to compost banana peels, watch where you step, and always eat what is offered to you as a gift.