Interns & Fellows

Natural Capitalism Solutions has a well-established internship and fellowship program. We are proud to have educated so many gifted individuals and look forward to working with them all as peers for years to come. Read about our current interns and fellows below, click here to find out how you can join our intern program, and click here to read about the amazing intern alumni we have had work with us in the past.


Jake Mitchell

D. Jacob Mitchell (NCS Fellow)

“It is, by common consent, a good thing for people to get back to nature.” – Aldo Leopold

D. Jacob Mitchell (Jake) grew up in the rural countryside of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Here, in the natural landscape and ecological biodiversity of New England forests, he fell in love with the natural world and humans interactions with it. Whether it was mountain biking, skiing, or just hiking, Jake was always in the woods or outside. Jake even retreated into the woods here during his undergrad for a month to properly develop his land ethic and connect with the natural world. Jake moved to Colorado six years ago and began working on his Bachelors degree at the University of Northern Colorado. Four years later, he received a B.A. in Environmental and Sustainability studies with a minor in earth science. During this time he was also assistant director of the Student LEAF fund, a revenue stream for sustainable campus projects. After school he went into the manufacturing industry as a salesman. It was during this work he decided he wanted to focus on corporate and producer side sustainability, a top-down approach. Additionally during this time, Jake worked with a solar company and permaculture non-profit to keep his passion and value concurrent with his professional goals. It was during this working period that he decided to attain a graduate degree.

He is currently studying for a Master’s in Environmental Management Degree with an emphasis in Sustainable and Resilient Communities. It is here that Jake has been working on a myriad of different projects reaching into different industries and community development plans. Including work on the industrial gas manufacturing industry, which he will be presenting to a global audience in Germany in July of 2016. Jake hopes to receive his Graduate Degree in the spring of 2017 with the help of Natural Capitalism to further his professional and educational goals. Jake believes in a mutualistic relationship with nature, where we can learn from it’s systems and processes to produce a healthier and more sustainable world. Although his goals and values are born in the natural world and his appreciation for the environment, he can often be found saying: “I don’t fight for nature for nature’s sake, I do it for humanity. We are making this world unlivable for ourselves, nature will continue to move forward whether we are here or not.”

 Joshua Ruschhaupt (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

Joshua is the former state director for Sierra Club in Colorado, having organized hundreds of environmentally-conscious volunteers to explore, enjoy, and contribute to protecting the planet from our home-base in Colorado. He has experience with defending Colorado’s public lands from egregious motorized recreational interests, advocating for renewable energy while fighting fossil-fuel interests, and combating misinformation about forest ecology as it relates to the influence of climate change on wildfires and bark beetles, among many other areas of work. He is also a 2010 graduate of Green Corps, the field school for environmental organizing, where he worked on two community climate and clean energy campaigns in Fargo, ND and Canton, OH, and helped launch Missouri Public Interest Research Group as assistant canvass director from St. Louis. Prior to Green Corps, he also assisted the national Sierra Club Board with the national level internal structure reorganization, including working to develop the then-new multi-thousand volunteer strong Activist Network.

headshot-of-sortsMarguerite Behringer (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

Marguerite Behringer is an energetic flower blooming into this world. As a senior at the University of Colorado (double majors in Ecology and Environmental Studies), she is enthralled to work in the sustainability industry. Marguerite has a passion for people, collaboration, speaking the truth, frogs, music festivals and local involvement. She currently serves as the Special Materials Manager at the University of Colorado, Boulder Recycling and Operations Center, where she helps sort through recycling to rescue hard-to-recycle items.

A.J. Grosenbaugh (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

AJ is originally from Falmouth, Massachusetts and made his way to the Rocky Mountain region by way of Colorado College. After graduating from college in 2015 with a degree in Mathematical Economics, AJ worked several jobs, each causing him to question the way businesses take their impact on the world into account. In joining NCS, AJ sees an opportunity to shift the economic paradigm using lessons lent from the previous industrial model to forge a new path towards economic prosperity. One which fosters the conservation and sustainable use of the Earth’s natural capital.

headshot_SHStephanie Hsiung (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

Stephanie is an aspiring sustainability leader whose passion for the environment wasn’t awakened until late in her undergraduate years. Originally, she was an Art History and English Literature double major at Williams College. However, after a formative internship with The Canary Project, Stephanie realized that working to address the environmental challenges of our time was her true calling. She returned to school for a Post baccalaureate Certificate in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology from Columbia University and then packed her bags for Colorado.

Stephanie was a Research Analyst with the Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program, working on a variety of issues from fracking to public land management to wildlife conservation. Her experience with environmental law eventually led her to an interest in corporate sustainability. She intends to start a Master of Environmental Management program in the Fall after learning as much as possible from her internship with Natural Capitalism Solutions. Growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, Stephanie did not discover her love of the outdoors until her move to Colorado. Now she can be found trail running, mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, and backcountry snowboarding every chance she gets (more often than not with her indefatigable adventure dog, Cooper).

Andrew Streight HeadshotAndrew Streight (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

While Andrew is technically not a native of Colorado, originally born in Ohio, he moved here when he was four and considers Colorado his home. As an avid rock climber and hiker, Andrew believes deeply in the importance of protecting natural resources for generations to come and this is where his connection to sustainability is rooted. After growing up just south of the Denver area, Andrew went to Colorado College (CC) where he received his BA in Philosophy. Following graduation, Andrew worked for two years as the Program Coordinator in the President’s Office at CC. After working at CC, Andrew began working as the Education Coordinator for a water conservation education program run out of South Metro Water Supply Authority, furthering his interest in sustainability and the protection of natural resources.