Interns & Fellows

Natural Capitalism Solutions has a well-established internship and fellowship program. We are proud to have educated so many gifted individuals and look forward to working with them all as peers for years to come. Read about our current interns and fellows below, click here to find out how you can join our intern program, and click here to read about the amazing intern alumni we have had work with us in the past.

Graham Wardle (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

Graham Wardle is originally from Los Angeles California, where he grew up loving to surf, ski, golf, travel, and be outdoors. He moved to Boulder Colorado to pursue an education at the University of Colorado Boulder which he will graduate in the Spring. He has spent his time at the University majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Business Administration as well as being an active member of a mens fraternity on campus. Through his study he has developed a passion for studying environmental human interactions, and ways to create a more positive and mutually beneficial relationship between people and the environment. Additionally he has spent time working with the local organization FoodNet to research and develop ways to create more sustainable food systems for the Boulder campus and the community as a whole. Graham has also spent significant time traveling throughout various regions of the world, and spent his most recent summer living in Prague Czech Republic studying at the local university and exploring the rich culture of Europe. Graham found himself drawn to sustainability because of its importance and significance in our ever changing world and feels that through sustainable practice we can create a better world now and for many generations to come. He hopes to one day attend law school to pursue a career in environmental law and continue his work with the environment and sustainability. Graham looks forward to continuing to travel and enjoy life as much as he can while working to implement sustainability wherever he can.

Mariah Harrod (Policy and Research Intern)

“Where we are is always the most important place.” -Philip Pullman

Mariah Harrod was born in Kentucky and has lived on that grassy karst her entire life. She attends Centre College in Danville, KY and majors in Environmental Studies with a minor in Philosophy. Her studies predominantly center around the humanities of environmentalism and how we should evaluate and portray the lessons of this field to others. Additionally, Mariah works with grassroots organizations such as Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition to initiate holistic change on campus, local, and state levels. In a year, Mariah will be attending law school to become an environmental lawyer. Her time not spent on schoolwork or community service is often dedicated to dancing, hiking, reading, and exploring this wondrous planet.

Mariah quoted author Philip Pullman because she shares his sentiments that we must be mindful and present in all that we do. This seems counter-intuitive as it relates to sustainability–which is a future-oriented goal–but she believes that if we focus our energy on the systems which connect our decisions with their repercussions across time and space, we can do a great deal in the name of the future. By actively analyzing what we do in the present, we can ensure that generations to come have a present to experience. To her, this is extremely valuable.

Jake Duncan (Policy and Research Intern)

Jake has earned his B.S. in Economics from Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia. There his community involvement ranged from interning at the study abroad office, to being a board member of the student ran Sounds of the South Music Festival, to the environmental science club, to the presidency of the Spanish Honor Society. Through his interactions with these communities, a progressive education, and his love for nature, Jake found within himself a desire to work towards bettering everything around him, whether it is the people or nature. He has followed through with this drive by working with the Georgia Solar Energy Association and completing an internship with the Solar Energy Industries Association in Washington, D.C.