Interns & Fellows

Natural Capitalism Solutions has a well-established internship and fellowship program. We are proud to have educated so many gifted individuals and look forward to working with them all as peers for years to come. Read about our current interns and fellows below, click here to find out how you can join our intern program, and click here to read about the amazing intern alumni we have had work with us in the past.


Kyle Jerome (NCS Fellow)

Kyle grew up in Lakewood Colorado taking full advantage of all the outdoor adventures that his home state had to offer. He attended Montana State University for a year before returning to the University of Colorado on a full ride scholarship. Kyle achieved a BA in Geography with a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies and has always been intrigued by the concepts of development and sustainability. Kyle’s sustainability related experience began with his involvement at the University’s Environmental Center, working for SCORE(Student & Community Outreach on Renter Efficiency). This program’s mission was to educate students about ways to reduce their ecological footprints and save money on their utilities by implementing energy and water saving resources in their homes.

Kyle enjoyed the education and outreach aspect of this position and has since been very involved in the community as a volunteer with various organizations through Boulder County. Additionally, Kyle is very passionate about sustainable food production and distribution methods. He is determined to raise awareness and help to change the way our environmentally destructive and resource intensive food production exists. Kyle is interested in social based marketing strategies that will help communities and companies make a shift to more sustainable practices. He hopes to eventually pursue an MBA in Sustainable Systems Management. Kyle intends to take his interests and goals into a career of environmental consulting, or to work in a sustainability advisory role. Kyle is heavily involved in the Colorado music scene as a performer, playing the saxophone in a Boulder based band. He loves to ski, backpack, bike, slack line, and trail run near his home in Boulder.

Jake Mitchell

D. Jacob Mitchell (NCS Fellow)

“It is, by common consent, a good thing for people to get back to nature.” – Aldo Leopold

D. Jacob Mitchell (Jake) grew up in the rural countryside of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Here, in the natural landscape and ecological biodiversity of New England forests, he fell in love with the natural world and humans interactions with it. Whether it was mountain biking, skiing, or just hiking, Jake was always in the woods or outside. Jake even retreated into the woods here during his undergrad for a month to properly develop his land ethic and connect with the natural world. Jake moved to Colorado six years ago and began working on his Bachelors degree at the University of Northern Colorado. Four years later, he received a B.A. in Environmental and Sustainability studies with a minor in earth science. During this time he was also assistant director of the Student LEAF fund, a revenue stream for sustainable campus projects. After school he went into the manufacturing industry as a salesman. It was during this work he decided he wanted to focus on corporate and producer side sustainability, a top-down approach. Additionally during this time, Jake worked with a solar company and permaculture non-profit to keep his passion and value concurrent with his professional goals. It was during this working period that he decided to attain a graduate degree.

He is currently studying for a Master’s in Environmental Management Degree with an emphasis in Sustainable and Resilient Communities. It is here that Jake has been working on a myriad of different projects reaching into different industries and community development plans. Including work on the industrial gas manufacturing industry, which he will be presenting to a global audience in Germany in July of 2016. Jake hopes to receive his Graduate Degree in the spring of 2017 with the help of Natural Capitalism to further his professional and educational goals. Jake believes in a mutualistic relationship with nature, where we can learn from it’s systems and processes to produce a healthier and more sustainable world. Although his goals and values are born in the natural world and his appreciation for the environment, he can often be found saying: “I don’t fight for nature for nature’s sake, I do it for humanity. We are making this world unlivable for ourselves, nature will continue to move forward whether we are here or not.”


 Amy Hopf (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

Amy is originally from a small suburb of Philadelphia called Glenside, and graduated from Penn State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing, with minors in Sustainability Inquiry and Environmental Studies. While working at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute, she was able to aid in the improvement of sustainability curriculum, as well as work with outreach and engagement of students in sustainable action. This past summer, Amy interned at the Small Business Development Center as a marketing consultant, learning a great deal about consulting and how to start a new enterprise, as well as State College’s Office of Community Engagement, where she gained experience in local government and engagement communications. She began to gain interest in sustainability in high school, but realized how much she truly loved the environment during her freshman year of college. When she recognized how excited and enthusiastic she would become when learning about environmental conservation and sustainable community development, she was certain it was her passion. She is always seeking to learn more and knows that doing what she can to converse and protect the environment is what she wants her life’s work to be. When she has some spare time, she can be found reading, riding her bike, sharpening her photography skills, recycling, listening to music, getting outdoors, and dancing around her room.

headshot-of-sortsMarguerite Behringer (Sustainability Implementation Intern)

Marguerite Behringer is an energetic flower blooming into this world. As a senior at the University of Colorado (double majors in Ecology and Environmental Studies), she is enthralled to work in the sustainability industry. Marguerite has a passion for people, collaboration, speaking the truth, frogs, music festivals and local involvement. She currently serves as the Special Materials Manager at the University of Colorado, Boulder Recycling and Operations Center, where she helps sort through recycling to rescue hard-to-recycle items.