Associate Network

One of the things that distinguishes Natural Capitalism Solutions from other sustainability organizations is our vast associate network. Whatever the topic Natural Capitalism Solutions is just a phone call away from the best minds in the field. NCS is proud to collaborate with the following individuals and organizations.

Bernard Amadei (Engineers Without Borders)

Janine Benyus (Bimimicry 3.8)

Bob Dunham (Generative Leadership Program)

S. Richard Fedirizzi (USBC)

Eban Goodstein (Bard College MBA in Sustainability)

Catherine Greener (Xanterra)

Gwendolyn Hallsmith (Montpelier, VT)

Jeff Hohensee (Alliance for Sustainable Colorado)

Udaiyan Jatar (Blue Earth)

Kevin Johnson & Jeff Larsen (In The Telling)

P. Carol Jones (North South Consultants)

Marvin & Burt Klein (PortionPac)

Craig Lewis (Clean Coalition)

Scott McLagen (Denver University, Daniels School fo Business)

Kara Peck (YRG)

Gifford Pinchot (Bainbridge Graduate Institute & Pinchot & Co.)

Ken Regelson (Energy Should Be)

Andrew Smith (AT Dynamics)

Kevin Wilhelm (Sustainable Business Consulting)

Andrew Winston (EcoStrategies)



NCS is a member of a number of local and national groups focused on sustainability. Beyond our partnerships, we also donate time and resources to like minded organizations.

CORE is dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices and a more responsible economy. Our programs include: Sustainability Baseline Assessment & Green House Gas Inventory for businesses (CORE Catalyst), monthly educational events, success stories, online resource directory and the Sustainable Opportunities Summit, the premier business sustainability conference in Colorado.

The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is a hub for sustainability, bringing together community and leadership to drive a new paradigm — one based on quality of life now and for the future.   We turn the short-term, short-sighted, business-as-usual approach to sustainable thinking in promoting a Colorado that values environmental, economic and social well being equally. The Alliance provides the connective links among organizations working on policies and practices of sustainability — making the collective efforts of nonprofit, business, government and education more effective in overcoming roadblocks to progress. is leading the fight against global warming, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce & offset their climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future. achieves its goals through climate change education, carbon offsets and reductions, and public outreach.

10 for Change has engaged Boulder businesses in a friendly challenge to save money by integrating sustainability practices in their operations. Efforts to save energy and water, reduce waste, and travel wisely all contribute to Boulder’s community sustainability goals. We set a 10% target for the average business; some have achieved over 80% in some areas, so take the challenge and see how far you can go!

Envirolution™ is dedicated to developing and scaling dynamic K-12 education, job training, leadership academy, and community outreach programs centered around green industries and green energy. We aim to drive the growth of the green economy, thus increasing the number of jobs available in green industries. Our community-based green economy solutions prepare the future and current workforce for green jobs while simultaneously increasing the public demand for green products and services. Our initiatives empower all stakeholders involved to achieve triple bottom-line results that benefit local economies, local populations and local environments.

Greenprint Denver is a pragmatic approach to determine city objectives that can be tracked, measured, refined and reported. Greenprint Denver charts the city’s course over the next five years and will position the city as a national leader in a global effort to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Unreasonable Institute gives an “unreasonable advantage” to entrepreneurs creating solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems. They do this by bringing entrepreneurs together to live under the same roof for 5 weeks, where they connect with mentors, investors, and a lasting global network of support. The goal: help each of these ventures scale up to meaningfully impact the lives of over 1 million people.

Unreasonable Institute