Emily Artale (Trident Energy)

Brianna Buntje (Merkle)

Kelly Cookson (Conscious Dollars Consulting)

Kate Curl (University of Arizona)

Ellen Drew (Rural Community Assistance Corporation)

Barb Forrest

Janet Graaff (UC Boulder MBA)

Katherine Hamilton (Ecosystem Marketplace)

Charlie Hargroves (TNEP)

Stacie Hargroves

Jeff Hohensee (The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado)

Rachel Hohensee

Vicki Jalbert Dorvee

Michael Johnson (CLEAResult)

Christopher Juniper (CORE)

Wyatt King (The Albright Stonebridge Group)

Stephen Mannhard (Ernst & Young’s Power & Utilities Advisory Practice)

Bob Nevans (Cloud Solutions Today)

Robert Repetto (Yale)

Paul Sheldon (Vital Systems CA)

Hanna Shum (Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing)

Bob Simmons (Continued Success)

Lily Thaisz (Boulder County)

Steve Wilton (EMS Consulting)

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