What if the world we really want is right at our fingertips?

And… What if we’re creating our future and our culture together? Right now? You and I?

What do we want to create? What do we want to create for ourselves? Our kids? Our grandkids? Our neighbors? Our communities?

Y On Earth is an educational and content-delivery project that is focused on opportunities for all of us as individuals, and in households, neighborhoods and communities to incorporate day-to- day “core activities” that not only enhance our own health, wellbeing and happiness, but also contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

In our modern world, there are myriad technologies, messages and even personal desires interfering with our wellbeing, health, and our ability to delight in this awesome planet. And, at the same time, there are even more ways in which we can slow down, see through the veil of advertising, consumerism and main-stream programming in order to reclaim our liberties, our dignity, our well-being and our connection with each other and the living world around us. At once informative and empowering, Y On Earth inspires, encourages and guides through these opportunities.

The project presents simple tools and techniques while also emphasizing the importance of stewardship, creating a culture of care, and of understanding the inter-connectedness of our roles as civic-economic actors, consumers, and culture-creators.

The Y On Earth messages are culminating in the forthcoming book, Y On Earth: How We Will Get Smarter, Feel Better and Heal the Planet, scheduled for publication later this summer. The Y On Earth team has also begun outreach to individuals, schools, families and community organizations to bring these “life-hacking” and “culture-cracking” tools and memes to a very diverse range of people.

Stay tuned this summer as we launch the book!

And visit www.yonearth.org to help support our work spreading the Y On Earth message to diverse audiences, including low-income and resource-constrained communities!