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Colorado Carbon Fund Re-Launch Event

On October 19, we celebrated our new management of the Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF) and its return, back to Colorado! The CCF, founded in 2008 by the Colorado Energy Office, was the first state-based program in the country designed to help individuals, businesses and communities offset greenhouse gas emissions and support innovative, local climate and community benefit solutions. We are thrilled to take over management of this iconic program and look forward to expanding its impact with community and climate benefit programs here in Colorado

Hunter Lovins & Bill Becker Communicating Climate Issues

L. Hunter Lovins & Bill Becker
This interview and discussion with the participants of the 2016 Climate Knowledge Brokers workshop at NREL in Golden, Colorado explores the intricacies in connecting effectively with lawmakers and decision makers on climate issues.

Putting a Price on Carbon

Experts in sustainable finance and climate policy, including Hunter Lovins,  joined together at The Alliance Center to discuss what could be a pivotal climate change mitigation strategy: putting a price on carbon. With Bill Becker, Mark Reynolds, and Congresswoman Diana DeGette as moderator.

Regenerative Agriculture: Balbo Jr, Lovins and Potočnik - CE100 Annual Summit 2016

Revitalizing Agriculture Approach pioneer Leontino Balbo Jr, author and expert on Natural Capitalism Hunter Lovins and former European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik discuss a new approach to agriculture. Find out more about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and CE100 network at

Regenerative Agriculture: The other 50% of the climate solution

The Paris Agreement focuses on emissions, but this is only 50% of the solution. Atmospheric carbon drawdown is the other half of the solution. Hunter Lovins of acknowledges that the French 4 p 1000 Initiative is a good initiative and that companies are a key engine of delivery for regenerative solutions.

Colorado Mountain College Sustainability Conference

Hunter Lovins was the Keynote for the 2016 Colorado Mountain College Sustainability Conference in Steamboat Springs, CO. This was a wonderful event where NCS helped CMC launch the “Sustainability Action Plan Recommendations Report

Leading for Wellbeing

Natural Capitalism Solutions, with the Humanistic Management Network, have created “Leading for Wellbeing”. Learn all about this project in the video below!

Support this project here!

Leading for Well Being from Kindea Labs on Vimeo.

6 January 2016 | Boulder, CO | Voice of America Radio Show Interview

“From Coast to Coast, It’s Getting Easier to Go Electric in the U.S.”

Hunter Lovins takes you on a drive in her Nissan Leaf with Shelly Schlender on Voice of America and chats about the current trends and future of electric vehicles

5 January 2016 | Denver, CO | The Road Beyond Paris

The first event of the year hosted by the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado was a sold-out event! In case you missed out, check out the full length video here! It was a great evening with one incredible panel: Hunter Lovins, Governor Bill Ritter, Senator Tim Wirth, and Bill Becker!

23 November 2015 | Denver, CO | Encyclical to Action

If you missed out, you can watch the full length video of our Encyclical to Action event here! Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in this wonderful event. We look forward to continuing these dialogues and workshops in 2016

23 November 2015 | Denver, CO | Encyclical to Action

Hear what our amazing panel had to say in these one-on-one interviews!

23 November 2015 | Denver, CO | Encyclical to Action

This was our first in a series of dialogues aimed at taking Pope Francis’ Encyclical to Action. It was a wonderful evening with an amazing panel of speakers. We all went home motivated to craft the strategy necessary for change!

5 November 2015 | United Kingdom | Disruptive Innovation Festival

Hunter Lovins was part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival, hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Watch her webcast on Regenerative Economics and the Circular Economy here!

28 October 2015 | Boulder, CO |Regenerative Economics

Hunter Lovins kicked off the “Future of Humanity” series at Chautauqua Community House with this talk on Regenerative Economics. It was a great evening!

Video by Michael Kosacoff, Highland City Club

25 March 2015 | Maui, HI | Maui Energy Conference Reports with Hunter Lovins

ThinkTech Hawaii (YouTube)
25 March 2015

A Skype report from the Maui Energy Conference from Hunter Lovins and “Hawaii: State of Clean Energy” co-hosts Sharon Moriwaki and Ray Starling of the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum.

14 January 2015 | Boulder, CO | Highland City Club

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economy for the Anthropocene”

(download slides)

Related YouTube Video: Transforming the Global Economy

23 October 2014 | New York, NY | AIGA Gain Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Design For a New Economy”

(download slides)

Video courtesy of AIGA

16 October 2014 | Green Economy Coalition | Video

Talking Green Economy with L. Hunter Lovins

As part of our ‘Talking Green Economy’ series, the Green Economy Coalition sits down with Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions and general eco-superstar to find out how she would tell the story of transition.

12 October 2014 | Canberra, Australia | Australia National University

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economy for the Anthropocene”

(download slides)

Related YouTube video


September 2014 | Boulder, CO | University of Colorado

L. Hunter Lovins: “Why We Marched”

(download slides)

Related YouTube video: Why We Are Winning: Hunter Lovins

1 August 2014 | London, UK | Savory Institute Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Investment for an Economy in Service to Life”

(download slides)

Related video on YouTube:
Hunter Lovins – Holistic Management rebuilds community, economy and ecology


5 June 2014 | New York | WOBI on Innovation

 Hunter Lovins
The Edge Economy, disrupting what doesn’t work to create an economy in service to life.
WOBI on Innovation, 2014

(download slides)

5 June 2014 | New York, NY | WOBI on Innovation

L. Hunter Lovins: ” The Business Case for Sustainability”

(download slides)

Youtube Video: Hunter Lovins-The Edge Economy-WOBI on Innovation, NY


5 April 2014 | Boulder, CO | TEDxCU

Toby Russell
Disaster Recovery – A Growth Industry?
(slides coming soon)

19 December 2013 | Conversations with Great Minds - Media's coverage of climate change? by Thom Hartmann

The Big Picture (YouTube)
19 December 2013

Climate change is the greatest threat our planet has ever faced – and we need to take action now to prevent the situation from getting any worse. But will there ever be enough political will to put the policies in place that are needed to save the future of the only planet we can call home? We’ll ask William Becker – Executive Director of the Presidential Climate Action Project – in tonight’s special Conversations with Great Minds

23 July 2013 | Denver, CO | Rocky Mountain PBS' WorldDenver Talks interview by Wynne Racine


10 July 2013 | Boulder, CO | Unreasonable Day For Play

Unreasonable Institute’s Climax Event

“Unreasonable Day for Play” at Shine

Hunter’s talk: “Entrepreneuring a New Global Economy”

(download slides)

Watch the video introducing the Unreasonable Institute’s Entrepreneurs the Unreasonable Climax July 2013. Check out the flying penguins the very end! Hunter is honored to serve as a mentor to the Unreasonable Institute.


And here’s live footage from the climax:

3 June 2013 | San Diego, CA | Sustainable Brands

Hunter Lovins, Jeff Mendelsohn, Thomas Day, Liz Maw, Gwen Migita, and Megan Rast presented on “Beyond  Employee Engagement”

(download slides) “The Business Case for Employee Engagement” by Hunter Lovins

(link to audio podcast of second day on SB site)

(link to slides as posted on SB site)

How can companies implement true employee-level sustainability integration and unleash the powerful benefits to society, the environment, and business performance? How can the HR channel be utilized to develop objective and subjective sustainability goals by department, in the context of a well-articulated brand sustainability platform? What does it take to effectively drill down objective and subjective performance criteria and goals to the level of every employee?

Western State Colorado University Sustainability

Karen Howe, 2012 NCS Summer Intern, Director
WSCU understands students are at the heart of the sustainability movement. Sustainability at Western stems from student passion and energy to make a difference in their community.

28 April 2013 | Berkeley, CA | California Student Sustainability Coalition

California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) Convergence at UC Berkeley

“Lead. Follow, Or Get Out of the Way” by L. Hunter Lovins

(download slides)

22 April 2013 | Elon, NC | Elon University

Earth Day at Elon University

“The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save our Economic Ass” by Hunter Lovins

(download slides)

Swing for the Fences

How many times are you offered the chance to really swing for the fences? To be a part of something that could shape the future? Most days are the usual sort: e-mails to be answered, classes to be prepared, reporters to be spoken with, articles to be drafted, corporate consultations to be walked through, interns to be folded into our ongoing projects.... It’s good work. If we’re lucky, it adds up to genuine change: a company commits to adopt more sustainable practices, students choose lives of being change agents, someone reads something I’ve written and says, “That’s how I want to spend my life.” Then I read a piece like Joe Romm’s Climate Progress post: “The Dangerous Myth That Climate Change is Reversible” and I wonder if what I’m doing is anywhere near enough. So when an opportunity to try for a really big difference flies at me, I swing. Hunter Lovins, Unreasonable at Sea People can be excused for thinking I live a glamorous life: 2013 began by setting sail (literally) with the Unreasonable Institute - on the Semester at Sea ship. Blue water over the bow, 25 kick-ass entrepreneurs to be mentored, 600 undergraduates to talk with over meals, and guest lecture to, and Bishop Desmond Tutu for company. I loved it, but left the ship in Hawaii – it’s somewhere off Africa now - to scramble back to the Central Coast of California to give a speech for Pacific Gas and Electric. And was delighted to see that THEIR first slide was titled: The Business Case for Sustainability.

18 Mar 2013: San Juan, Costa Rica

“The Business Case for Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins

Hunter speaking from the Global Leadership Meeting on Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 agenda in San Jose Costa Rica, March 18, 2013


no slides used

8 Mar 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UCB i4Energy

University of California at Berkeley – i4energy lunch series
“Sustainable Economic Development” by L. Hunter Lovins

Hunter was a Regents Lecturer 4-15 March 2013 and this was her second public talk.

(download slides)


6 March 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UC Berkeley Regents Lecture

University of California at Berkeley Regents Lecture
“Happiness, Economics, and Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins

(download slides)

28 Feb 2013 | Ogden, UT | 4th Annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit

4th Annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit

Weber State University in Ogden, UT

“The Business Case for Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins

(download slides)


12 Feb 2013: Boulder, CO

At the Epicenter, a unique, interactive conversation with a powerhouse panel of leading women “ecopreneurs” including Hunter Lovins, Kim Coupounas and Brook Eddy, hosted by Seleyn DeYarus of Best Organics. February 12th, Boulder, Colorado


Hunter did not use slides, this was a panel discussion.

2 February, 2013 | Thimphu, Bhutan | New Development Paradigm in Focus

Bhutan TV interviews International Environmental Working Group members David Suzuki, Frances Moore Lappe and Hunter Lovins.

Hunter’s segment is 12 min 46 sec into this video.

26 Jan 2013 | Seattle, WA | TEDxBGI

“What’s Your Story?” by L. Hunter Lovins
(download slides)

Hunter Lovins talks about the power of story to bring about a sense of purpose in the business world.


7-15 January 2013 | Unreasonable at Sea (San Diego, CA - Hilo, HI)

Hunter sailed from San Diego, CA – Hilo, HI on the first leg of the Unreasonable Semester at Sea.

Click here to watch on, or if you cannot view the videos enbedded below you can click here to watch on Vimeo.

Full Video


12 November 2012 | Miami, FL | Continuity Forum

ABC Foundation’s Continuity Forum

“Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” by L. Hunter Lovins

(download slides)

28 August 2012 | Santa Monica, CA | Women in Green Forum

Women in Green Forum Hunter Lovins awarded with Care2Impact Award & Keynote talk PRESS:
  • Triple Pundit "3rd Annual Women in Green Forum Returns to Santa Monica to Unite International Environmental Leaders for Two Days" (by Nick Aster) 26 July 2012

18 April 2012 | Laguna Nigel, CA | Fortune Brainstorm Green

Triple Pundit
21 April 2012

At the April 2012 Fortune Brainstorm Green conference, Nick Aster spoke briefly with Hunter and they reflected on the nature of the conference and how the business case for sustainability is finally hitting home.


22 May 2012 | New York, NY | Women in Conservation Changing the World: Hunter Lovins Honored as 2012 Rachel Carson Award Recipient

Written by Colette Crouse, 2012 NCS Intern

The National Audubon Society recently recognized our very own Hunter Lovins as an influential environmental pioneer. Hunter was chosen as one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious Rachel Carson Award, which honors visionary women whose dedication, talent and energy have advanced environmental educational locally and globally. The Award ceremony, which was emceed by NBC News environmental affairs correspondent Anne Thompson, took place May 22, 2012 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Allison Rockefeller, the Founding Chair of the Rachel Carson Award Council, stressed its value as “one of the most coveted awards for American women in the environmental and conservation movement.” She emphasized the social significance and longevity of the Award, noting, “Women have played an enormous role in environmental and conservation leadership and this award recognizes and celebrates their work, and influences a younger generation of girls and women to do the same.” The Award is named after Rachel Carson, author of the seminal Silent Spring and a forerunner of the modern environmental movement. This year’s Award was particularly special, as 2012 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the book’s publication. Established in 2004, the Rachel Carson Award has raised more than $1,000,000 to back Audubon’s Women in Conservation Program as well as the organization’s campaign to protect the Long Island Sound. In addition to Hunter, the Reverend Canon Sally Bingham and Janette Sadik-Khan were also recognized: Bingham for her leadership of the Interfaith Power & Light campaign, a popular religious response to global warming; and Sadik-Khan for her spearheading of a major overhaul of public transportation in New York City to make it safer, flexible, and more sustainable. Past recipients of the Award include actress and environmental activist Sigourney Weaver; founder and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx, Majora Carter; and producer of “An Inconvenient Truth,” Laurie David. So why Hunter?

14 October 2011 | Denver, CO | Denver Green Streets

Robbie Knight, Managing Editor of Denver Green Streets interviews L. Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions.

Denver Green Streets interviews L. Hunter Lovins, President & Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions from Denver Green Streets on Vimeo.

17 May 2011 | Seattle, WA | Climate Capitalism at Seattle Town Hall

Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen Talk Climate Capitalism at Seattle Town Hall

30 April 2011 | Longmont, CO | The Designers Accord Sustainability in 7 Series

The Designers Accord Sustainability in 7 video series delivered a daily dose of design inspiration by today’s leading sustainability experts. Join in the conversation as they share 7 things every designer should consider when integrating sustainability into design practice. Hunter Lovins’ video from her Ranch in Longmont, CO:


Thoughtful (and thought-provoking) videos from 17 of 2011s most respected sustainability experts. Learned that “by design” starts with value thinking from William McDonough, the realities of sustainable business from Hunter Lovins and Lisa Gansky, that diversity creates resilience from Nathan Shedroff and that each of us should look to nature for design solutions from Janine Benyus. Each of our 17 presenters gave us a unique view on directions in sustainable design and what it means for makers, thinkers, consumers and producers today.


In case you missed any of the Sustainability in 7 videos, we’ve created an easy index of all our experts below! Bookmark and share the Sustainability in 7 homepage. All the videos will live at for your easy reference.


Fiona Bennie on Future Scenarios
Janine Benyus on Biomimicry
Allan Chochinov on the Seven Presumptions of Design
Dawn Danby on Life-Cycle Thinking
Andrew Dent on Materials
Gil Friend on Sustainable Business
Lisa Gansky on Sharing
Chris Hacker on the Design Process
Wendy Jedlička’s Seven Handy Tips to Help You Change the World
Hunter Lovins Makes the Business Case for Sustainability
William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle Design
Dara O’Rourke on Seven Design Principles for Sustainable Design
John Peterson on Pro Bono Design
Nathan Shedroff Explains Systems Thinking
John Thackara on Energy
Alissa Walker on Walking the Walk
Adam Werbach on Cultural Sustainability


2 October 2010 | San Francisco, CA | West Coast Green & Madrone League Announcement

West Coast Green 2010 (no slides used) PRESS
  • TreeHugger Michelle Kaufmann video interview with Hunter Lovins
  • Just Means' Kevin Long video interview with Hunter Lovins
  • Triple Pundit "Madrone League: Open Source Sustainability Education" (by Erica Frye) 4 October 2010
  • Triple Pundit "A Look at Women’s Leadership in Sustainability" (by Erica Frye) 14 October 2010
Tree Hugger Video Just Means Video (click here)

27 May 2010 | Raleigh, NC | NCSU Center for Innovation Management Studies Spring Meeting

North Carolina State University Center for Innovation Management Studies (NCSU-CIMS) Spring 2010 Meeting

(download slides)  “The Business Cae for Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins (Keynote speech)


A student interview with Hunter Lovins North Carolina State’s College of Innovation Management Studies (CIMS). Recorded at The Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC this 2010 Spring Conference highlights the many challenges and opportunities for sustainable, profitable, business solutions to an increasingly larger economic and environmental dilemma.

16 December 2009 | Copenhagen, Denmark | UNFCCC's COP-15

UNFCCC COP-15 Meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark Hunter Lovins interviewed PRESS:
  • Huffington Post "Chaos and Capitulation in Copenhagen" (by Jerry Cope) 16 December 2009

15 October 2008 | Berkeley, CA | UC Berkeley's Capitalism Next Seminar

From Sustainable Business to Sustainable Capitalism

Hunter Lovins at the Blum Center for Developing Economies – Net Impact sponsor

26 September 2008: San Francisco, CA | West Coast Green

West Coast Green 2008 Keynote speech "Drivers of Change" (download slides) Plenary speech "The Business Case for Green Buildings" (download slides) SCROLL FOR PRESS

19 June 2008 | San Francisco, CA | The Business Case for Sustainability

Hunter Lovins on the Business Case for Sustainability

by Amber Bieg of
June 2008