Sustainable Denver Summit

Denver Sust SummitMayor Michael B. Hancock’s Sustainable Denver Summit in December 2015 brought together leaders from business, advocacy groups and other NGOs, municipal government and residents to develop and announce commitments for new and expanded initiatives in 2016. In order to achieve commitments needed to reach Denver’s 2020 Sustainability goals, the Mayor’s office asked Natural Capitalism Solutions’ Hunter Lovins to facilitate over 130 city stakeholders in the Sustainable Denver Energy Roundtable Track in securing energy and carbon mitigation commitments from all sectors of the Denver Metro area. The goal was to develop a roadmap that will help Denver achieve its ambitious 2020 Community Sustainability Goals based on four tracks for the Summit:

  • Energy Track: Focusing on issues of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and air quality and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Water Track: Focusing on both water quantity and water quality, including climate change resilience
  • Materials Track: Focusing on cradle‐to‐cradle materials management issues, including environmentally preferable purchasing, recycling, composting and by‐product synergy
  • Mobility Track: Focusing on providing multiple interconnected mobility modes that are cleaner, safer, cheaper and more efficient than the current system

The NCS team lead myriad Denver stakeholders through the pre‐summit roundtables over two months to develop the commitments and developing roadmaps to achieve the 2020 Sustainability Goals.

Modeled on the Clinton Global Initiative, the Sustainable Denver Summit resulted in detailed plans and specific commitments for initiatives that will close the gap between where Denver is today and where it has committed to be by the end of 2020.

The Office of Sustainability recently announced they will hold a second annual Summit in November 2016. Stay tuned!