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16 September 2016 | New York, NY | ISSP Leaders in Sustainability

L. Hunter Lovins “A Finer Future”

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14 September 2016 |Denver, CO | EcoDistricts Summit 2016

L. Hunter Lovins: “People and Planet and Neighborhoods”

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13 September 2016 | Seattle, WA | Built Green Conference

L. Hunter Lovins “Integrated Business Case for Green Building”

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22 June 2016 | London, England | Circular Economy 100 Annual Summit

L. Hunter Lovins: “The Circular Economy of Soil”

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18 May 2016 | Boulder, CO | 8th Annual ARCS Research Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “What Sustainability Needs to Know”

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9 May 2016 | Los Angeles, CA |Campbell Hall General Assembly

L. Hunter Lovins: “What Can You Do”

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24 April 2016 | Dallas, TX | Earth Day TX

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economics for the Anthropocene”

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21 April 2016 | Steamboat Springs, CO | CMC Sustainability Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Education in the Anthropocene”

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19 April 2016 | Hartford, Connecticut |Sustainable Manufacturing Forum

L. Hunter Lovins: “Flying into the Future”

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12 April 2016 | Long Island, NY | LIU Sustainability Dinner

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economy for the Anthropocene”

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11 April 2016 | Annandale-on-Hudson, NY | Bard Environmental & Urban Studies Colloquium

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economy for the Anthropocene:

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8 April 2016 | Monterrey, Mexico | Humanistic Management Network Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Triumph of the Green Giants”

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Leading at the Local Level

Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Pat Burt, Mayor of Palo Alto, CA, and John Bernhardt, Outreach & Communications Director for the Clean Coalition, presented in a webinar on:

– Effective strategies municipalities are implementing to go carbon neutral and meet their community’s broader sustainability goals
– New, innovative models being used by cities to support the development of local renewable energy
– Palo Alto: A case study in bringing solar to city-owned properties

13 January 2016 | NCS Webinar | Creating Value from your School's Sustainability & Climate Commitment

L. Hunter Lovins and Peter Krahenbuhl: “Creating Value from your School’s Sustainability & Climate Commitment”

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28 October 2015 | Boulder, CO | The Future of Humanity

L. Hunter Lovins: “Regenerative Economics”

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16 October 2015 | Baden Baden, Germany | International Economic Forum

L. Hunter Lovins: “Collapse or Sustainable Wellbeing”

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13 October 2015 | Sardinia, Italy | Humanistic Tourism Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Humanistic Tourism Experience Sardinia”

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8 October 2015 | Tuebingen, Germany | Global Ethic Institute

L. Hunter Lovins: “Prudence”

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29 September 2015 | Swansea, Wales |Lean and Green Consortium

L. Hunter Lovins: “A Finer Future Is Possible”

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24 September 2015 | Guayaquil, Ecuador | Green Latin America Awards

L. Hunter Lovins: “Ecuadorian Sustainability”

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10 April 2015 | Poughkeepsie, NY | Sustainable Hudson Valley Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Water and Life”

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9 April 2015 | Amherst, MA | University of Massachusetts

L. Hunter Lovins: “Your Future in the Anthropocene”

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7 April 2015 | Poughkeepsie, NY | Marist College

L. Hunter Lovins: “Jobs in the Regenerative Economy”

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11 February 2015 | Swarthmore, PA | Swarthmore College Sustainability Charrette

L. Hunter Lovins: “For a Finer Future”

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College Community Meets to Define Vision for Socially Just, Sustainable Campus


14 January 2015 | Boulder, CO | Highland City Club

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economy for the Anthropocene”

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Related YouTube Video: Transforming the Global Economy

23 October 2014 | New York, NY | AIGA Gain Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Design For a New Economy”

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Video courtesy of AIGA

12 October 2014 | Canberra, Australia | Australia National University

L. Hunter Lovins: “Economy for the Anthropocene”

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Related YouTube video


September 2014 | Boulder, CO | University of Colorado

L. Hunter Lovins: “Why We Marched”

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Related YouTube video: Why We Are Winning: Hunter Lovins

22 September 2014 | New York, NY | Impact Hub

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Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 12.53.20 PM

28 August 2014 | Hannover, Germany | Wuppertal Institute | Decoupling Human Wellbeing from Resource Consumption

L. Hunter Lovins: ” Decoupling: Key to Creating an Economy in Service to Life”

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1 August 2014 | London, UK | Savory Institute Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Investment for an Economy in Service to Life”

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Related video on YouTube:
Hunter Lovins – Holistic Management rebuilds community, economy and ecology


5 June 2014 | New York, NY | WOBI on Innovation

L. Hunter Lovins: ” The Business Case for Sustainability”

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Youtube Video: Hunter Lovins-The Edge Economy-WOBI on Innovation, NY


14 April 2014 | Austin, TX | SPEER Conference

L. Hunter Lovins: “Triumph of the Sun: The Threat of Solar”

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10 April 2014 | Albany, NY | State University of New York

“Jobs in the Anthropocene” by L. Hunter Lovins

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3 April 2014 | Oakland, CA | California College of the Arts

“Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way” by L. Hunter Lovins

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26 Mar 2014 | Maui, HI | Electric Utilities Conference

MAR14_HI_Slide1_HLovinsHunter’s Keynote “Future of Electric Utilities”
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Ililani Media, Henry Curtis Interview of Hunter Lovins
Part 1 / Part 2
Maui County Conference Explores the Future of Energy
“The eyes of the nation ore on Hawai’i as a living laboratory”
April 8, 2014
Chris Mentzel – Contributing Writer


14 Jan 2014 | Avon, CO | Walking Mountains Science Center

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Press before the event in the Vail Daily

AVON — The 12th annual High Country Speaker Series, a partnership between the Eagle Valley Library District and Walking Mountains Science Center, begins Tuesday evening with a renowned global voice in sustainable environmental practices, Hunter Lovins. This winter’s theme is “Sustainability: Adapting today to preserve tomorrow.” A worldwide recognized leader in helping companies and communities profit from more sustainable practices, Lovins is the ideal person to kick off the series. She will speak Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon.

30 October 2013 | Colorado Springs, CO | The Conference on Social, Responsible, Impact Investing (SRI)

OCT13_CO_SRI_HLovinsHunter’s Keynote “How Investors Can Save the World”

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conference web site (here)

15 Oct 2013 | Tinley Park, IL | Illinois Green Business Summit

Hunter Lovins Keynote: “The Business Case for Sustainability”
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Hunter Lovins, Toby Russell, and Nick Sterling Workshop on Employee Engagement: “Making it Stick, Making it Personal”
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Photo from the per-conference planning dinner for the Higher Education Panel:

Photos from Hunter Lovins’ Keynote:


10 July 2013 | Boulder, CO | Unreasonable Day For Play

Unreasonable Institute’s Climax Event

“Unreasonable Day for Play” at Shine

Hunter’s talk: “Entrepreneuring a New Global Economy”

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Watch the video introducing the Unreasonable Institute’s Entrepreneurs the Unreasonable Climax July 2013. Check out the flying penguins the very end! Hunter is honored to serve as a mentor to the Unreasonable Institute.


And here’s live footage from the climax:

4 July 2013 | Leipzig, Germany | WorldSkills BIBB

Hunter Lovins’ keynote for the WorldSkills 2013 Conference
sponsored by Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)

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3 June 2013 | San Diego, CA | Sustainable Brands

Hunter Lovins, Jeff Mendelsohn, Thomas Day, Liz Maw, Gwen Migita, and Megan Rast presented on “Beyond  Employee Engagement”

(download slides) “The Business Case for Employee Engagement” by Hunter Lovins

(link to audio podcast of second day on SB site)

(link to slides as posted on SB site)

How can companies implement true employee-level sustainability integration and unleash the powerful benefits to society, the environment, and business performance? How can the HR channel be utilized to develop objective and subjective sustainability goals by department, in the context of a well-articulated brand sustainability platform? What does it take to effectively drill down objective and subjective performance criteria and goals to the level of every employee?

2 May 2013 | Chicago, IL | Chicago Family Business Council

Chicago Family Business Council and DePaul University’s “The Sweet Spark of Success”
“Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way” by L. Hunter Lovins
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Chicago Family Business Council celebrated Abt Electronics and their impressive 77 years of successful business. Michael Abt was in attendance to accept the Chicago Family Business Council’s Leadership Award, on behalf of Abt Electronics and tell their story, and what has helped them become such a remarkable family business. While on the track of success, earlier in the day we learned about the important role sustainability plays in having a successful business. Hunter Lovins joined the CFBC and spoke on her book, The Way Out: Kick-starting Capitalism to Save Our Economic Ass. This event was complimentary to CFBC members and the DePaul Community.

28 April 2013 | Berkeley, CA | California Student Sustainability Coalition

California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) Convergence at UC Berkeley

“Lead. Follow, Or Get Out of the Way” by L. Hunter Lovins

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22 April 2013 | Elon, NC | Elon University

Earth Day at Elon University

“The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save our Economic Ass” by Hunter Lovins

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13 Mar 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UCB Lab for Manufacturing & Sustainability

“Engineering for Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins

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This is Hunter’s guest lecture for Dr. Dave Dornfield’s Lab for Manufacturing & Sustainability.

12 Mar 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UCB Product Design Class

“Natural Capitalism – Climate Capitalism” by L. Hunter Lovins

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This is Hunter’s guest lecture for Dr. Alice Agogino’s Product design classes during her Regent’s Lectureship.

8 Mar 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UCB i4Energy

University of California at Berkeley – i4energy lunch series
“Sustainable Economic Development” by L. Hunter Lovins

Hunter was a Regents Lecturer 4-15 March 2013 and this was her second public talk.

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6 March 2013 | Berkeley, CA | UC Berkeley Regents Lecture

University of California at Berkeley Regents Lecture
“Happiness, Economics, and Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins

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28 Feb 2013 | Ogden, UT | 4th Annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit

4th Annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit

Weber State University in Ogden, UT

“The Business Case for Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins

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26 Jan 2013 | Seattle, WA | TEDxBGI

“What’s Your Story?” by L. Hunter Lovins
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Hunter Lovins talks about the power of story to bring about a sense of purpose in the business world.

16 Nov 2012 | Denver, CO | AIA's Challenge 2030

Challenge 2030 AIA

“It’s Global Warming, Stupid” by L. Hunter Lovins

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12 November 2012 | Miami, FL | Continuity Forum

ABC Foundation’s Continuity Forum

“Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” by L. Hunter Lovins

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8 November 2012 | New York, NY | Bard College Admissions Event

Bard College MBA in Sustainable Business Management — admissions event

“It’s Global Warming, Stupid” by L. Hunter L ovins

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2 Nov 2012 | San Francisco, CA | California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts

Hunter Lovins Public Talk

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25 October 2012 | Golden, CO | 5th Annual Colorado Sustainability Conference

5th Annual Colorado Sustainability Conference

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18 October 2012 | Star, NC | Future of North Carolina's Water

The Future of North Carolina’s Water Conference

“Water and Life” by L. Hunter Lovins

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16 October 2012 | Tacoma, WA | Housing Washington

Housing Washington Conference

“Sustainability in Community” by L. Hunter Lovins

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14 October 2012 | Los Angeles, CA | AASHE

AASHE 2012 Conference

(Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education)

“The Future of Higher Education” Keynote by L. Hunter Lovins

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“Communicating Sustainability” Workshop by L. Hunter Lovins & Toby Russell

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25 Sep 2012 | Denver, CO | Algae Biomass Summit

Algae Biomass Summit

“Inventing the Future” by L. Hunter Lovins

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25 August 2011 | Sonoma, CA | Infineon Raceway

Infineon Raceway's Accelerating Sustainable Performance Summit (download slides)

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    " (by Derek Wilson) 28 August 2011
  • Triple Pundit "Hunter Lovins on Green Vehicles: Sustainability is High Performance" (by Steve Puma) 2 September 2011
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27 May 2010 | Raleigh, NC | NCSU Center for Innovation Management Studies Spring Meeting

North Carolina State University Center for Innovation Management Studies (NCSU-CIMS) Spring 2010 Meeting

(download slides)  “The Business Cae for Sustainability” by L. Hunter Lovins (Keynote speech)


A student interview with Hunter Lovins North Carolina State’s College of Innovation Management Studies (CIMS). Recorded at The Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC this 2010 Spring Conference highlights the many challenges and opportunities for sustainable, profitable, business solutions to an increasingly larger economic and environmental dilemma.

26 September 2008: San Francisco, CA | West Coast Green

West Coast Green 2008 Keynote speech "Drivers of Change" (download slides) Plenary speech "The Business Case for Green Buildings" (download slides) SCROLL FOR PRESS

9-26 May 2005 | Boulder, CO | University of Colorado Maymester "Natural Capitalism For Engineers""