An Economy In Service To Life: Expert Participants

Individuals who have expressed interest in participating include:

Dr. Johan Rockström – Executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Lead developer Planetary Boundaries framework

John Fullerton – Founder, President Capital Institute, Former Managing Director JP Morgan

Herman Daly Professor Emeritus, Univ. Maryland, Co-founder, Ecological Economics, 2014 Blue Planet winner.

Jo Confino – Executive Editor, Guardian, Guardian Sustainable Business

Randy Hayes – Founder Rainforest Action Network, Executive Director, Foundation Earth

Jonathan Porritt – Founder Forum for the Future, Author, The World We Made

Dr. Kate Raworth – Senior Visiting Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, Lead developer of Doughnut Economics framework of a Safe Operating Space for Humanity

Dr. Anders Wijkman – Co-President Club of Rome, former Member EU Parliament, MISTRA study on new economy

Stewart Wallis – Executive Director New Economics Foundation

Dr. Ernst von Weizsaecker – founding President Wuppertal, Co-President Club of Rome, Author Factor Four, Factor Five

Dr. Bob Massie – founder New Economy Coalition, CERES, GRI

Michael Townsend – CEO Earthshine, Framer Capitalism 2.0

Tom Chi – Developer of Google Glass and self-driving car

Dr. Sissel Waage – Director ‎Business for Social Responsibility’s Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services program

Gregory Miller – Founding Managing Director, creator of, Founder SpaceBar

Dr. Kate Pickett – Professor of Epidemiology University of York. Co-author The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better, Director of The Equality Trust.

Dr. Richard Wilkinson – Co-author: Spirit Level, Director of The Equality Trust.

Dr. Debra Roberts – head of Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department of eThekwini Municipality (Durban, South Africa)

Andrew Winston – Consultant, Author The Big Pivot

Shaun Paul – Principal Reinventure Capital, SOCAP

George Lee – Founder DeTao Academy, Shanghai

Dr. Eric Berlow – Systems Ecologist, Principal Vibrant Data Labs

Freya Williams – EVP, Business + Social Purpose, Edelman Founder Ogilvy Earth, Co-author: Mainstream Green.

Bill Becker – Executive Director Presidential Climate Action Project, Author ‘The 100 Day Action Plan to Save the Planet,

Kajsa Li Paludin – co-founder, co-director, Cultura 21 Nordic, DNV-GL Young Sustainability Leader Denmark

Dr. Holly Dublin – B-Team, Based in Kenya

AJ Grant – Principal, Environmental Communications Associates

Pavan Sukhdev – Study Leader: TEEB, ead of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative, Author Corporation 2020

Aimee Christensen – founder and CEO of Christensen Global Strategies, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General’s High Level Group on Sustainable Energy For All

Majora Carter – Principal Majora Carter Group, founder, Sustainable South Bronx and Green For All

Dr. David Orr Professor of Environmental Studies & Politics at Oberlin College, author Hope is an Imperative

Janine Benyus – Founder Biomimicry Institute and Guild, author Biomimicry

Rick Ridgeway – Director of Environment, Patagonia

Dr Kevin Noone – Director, Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth Systems Science

David Johnston  – co-founder green building movement

Gifford Pinchot – founder of Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and creator of the concept of ecopreneuring;

David Levine – American Sustainable Business Council