Phase Two: Building A Movement

If, as we anticipate, the vision and narrative of the strategy of change is compelling, our convening of thought-leaders will deliver a consensus and a collaboration to bring coherence to the current chaos, and will outline a strategy for implementing the New Economy. The work of the second phase will be the unleashing the global movement.

To execute this strategy, a Steering Committee formed at the first convening will ensure broad-based buy in. It will seek further funding to undertake a comprehensive, 3 to 5 year program to develop the strategy and produce a roadmap of work required to realize the vision created to catalyze the transition to a New Economy, and to elevate the strategy of change into the mainstream agenda. The specifics of this strategy will come out of the planning session, but we envision that it will include, but not be limited to:

1. Communication

Create a Strategy: Assemble a team of professional communications experts to assist the thought leaders to disseminate the new narrative. We are in conversations with Environmental Communications Associates, Edelman and Free Range Studios. The goal of this action is to map out a broad-based media campaign to popularize the strategy of change

Tell the Story: The core team and other champions will be supported to write a continuing series of articles setting forth the elements of the resulting strategy, the business case for moving in this direction, case studies of successful implementation of solutions and an array of supporting materials. As described below, we will be engaging those who are media savvy to tell the story in ways that speak to those who do not read white papers.

Media Campaign: Work with the best media teams to launch a broad-based media campaign to popularize the strategy, using the best of traditional and social media.  Expand and support story-telling initiatives such as the Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy, documentaries, popular films, etc.

2. Education

Create Curriculum: Select champions from phase one will incorporate the new narrative into their curriculum. This will include working with such academic institutions as Bard MBA (where Hunter is on the faculty) Australia National University (where Dr. Robert Costanza is on the faculty) and De Tao Academy in China (where both are Masters) and others around the world.

Scale Curriculum: Building on the in person curriculum the team will produce video-based, distance-learning modules suitable for a wide range of courses in undergraduate economics, environmental studies and engineering departments; as well as graduate programs in business and other disciplines. The goal will be to create a comprehensive curriculum that would embed the new narrative in academic circles.

3. Engagement

Social Media: The networks of the participants number into the millions of followers. We will leverage this to test messages, create localized and global buzz tied to each culture, enabling the new picture of the world to move forward. This will answer the criticism that this is only the province of Northern environmentalists. Including such organizations as youth movements, IFIP and the Elders will dramatically broaden the outreach.

Engage the artists and heretics: Most scientific literature is visually unappealing. To tell the new survival story, we have to win the battle of the spirit, as well as the mind, being more beautiful and resonant than the old paradigm. In addition to a superior intellectual frame, we will create a more powerful emotional song and art. Inviting children to drawing contests, engaging the artists of indigenous cultures and empowering the wisdom of crowds, we will give resonance to the biggest “we” in human history to create a massive global consensus.

Establish Channels: Work to identify and establish channels that enable a global dialogue around the New Economy. One of the major platforms for this discussion will be through the Guardian’s website—Jo Confino, Executive Editor Guardian, is obtaining additional funding to take this conversation to scale.

Identify Champions: A group of champions will be selected to lead the ongoing dialogue. These champions will be responsible for delivering content and vetting and contributing to discussions. We are in conversation with such organizations as The Elders, and IFIP.

Facilitate the Conversation: Launch and populate global digital platforms to drive the conversation about the New Economy. This will help in drawing as wide as possible an audience into shaping an ongoing collaborative, crowd-based implementation strategy. We are in conversations with the Australian based OurSay, and Transformational Media,

Roadshow: Building on the Landslide Events, various champions will organize and facilitate a series of events to engage with a broader set of experts and stakeholders. This process will not only engage more thought leaders but will also help refine the narrative. The principals of this proposal collectively give thousands of lectures each year. This effort will coordinate such speeches, and link with such organizations as the Shift Network to build a groundswell for the new strategy and ensure that it is widely disseminated.

4. Collaboration

Leverage Relationships: As Derek Sivers demonstrates in his TED talk on how to start a movement, ideas fail to gain traction unless they immediately welcome first followers. Natural Capitalism is a member of the New Economy Coalition.  We will leverage our existing collaborations from our role in advising the B-Team and such corporations as Unilever, to our membership in the Club of Rome and working relationships around the world to expand the conversation rapidly, crowd-sourcing a strategy of change to take the New Economy to scale.

Establish International Centres: Establish Centres in China, Europe, and the United States to spread the global dialogue around the new narrative. These groups will include thought leaders from each region, starting with the New Economy Coalition and New Economics Foundation. We have been asked by De Tao Academy to convene an invitation only working group of senior Chinese officials and global thought leaders to frame the New Economy for China. Dr. Robert Costanza, Dr Jacquie McGlade, Chief Scientist of UNEP, Dr. Hunter Lovins, Dr Kate Pickett, professor of epidemiology at the University of York, and an international network of business leaders, investors, academics, activists and story-tellers, we have just launched the new Chinese De Tao Institute for Green Investment. The principals of this proposal will leverage their relationships with their own institutions and others with whom they are in relationship to build this movement. We will take on the old order with a better story.