NCS Sponsored Projects

NCS, founded and led by one of the world’s leading sustainability pioneers and visionaries, has decades of experience developing cutting edge, impactful climate change & sustainability solutions for companies, countries, and communities. Yet we know we can’t do it alone.
That’s why we “house” like-minded projects, programs, and aspiring future non-profits (Contact us if you have a great idea!). These amplify our impact in two important ways. We provide resources and a springboard for turning ideas into actions that otherwise languish. Second, we collaborate with our housed organizations, magnifying everyone’s efforts. Check out our current sponsored projects below!

-Final PSC logo color editions_fullThe Pet Sustainability Coalition
 led by Chris Bentley strives to be the leading organization for sustainable advancement in the pet industry, by promoting creative collaboration that prioritizes business minded solutions for sincere environmental improvement. We collaborate to accelerate sustainability in the pet industry by encouraging the implementation of best-practices, by providing tools and resources for advancement and by promoting continual and authentic improvement for the benefit of our environment, communities and businesses. Check us out here.

The Clean Coalition, led by Craig Lewis, is working to accelerate America’s transition away from an outdated energy system built around large, centralized, fossil-fueled power plants and miles of inefficient transmission lines; and toward a modern energy system where smaller-scale, efficient, renewable energy projects deliver affordable and reliable power to communities. Transitioning to clean local energy generation drives innovation and economic development.  And it empowers communities to turn underused space — such as rooftops and abandoned industrial sites — into cost-effective renewable energy resources. … Read more

Chain Reaction Logo-FINAL-02Chain Reaction, led by Meghan Altman and Zachary Borngraver, seeks to empower the future, one bicycle at a time. Focusing on low-income individuals, especially young people within our community, Chain Reaction promotes healthy & active lifestyles, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and community engagement. They see the bicycle as a vehicle that can empower traditionally disenfranchised people to succeed in all aspects of life.

Cycling not only provides an enjoyable means of maintaining health and wellbeing, it helps to address crucial transportation challenges while reducing carbon impact. It is also a special way to explore the natural world, to be environmental stewards, and to be part of a welcoming and supportive community. Chain Reaction works to remove all barriers that exist to this wonderful world of cycling for everyone. Read more about this project here.

PCAP-Logo_colorPCAP: Presidential Climate Action Project
Bill Becker and a panel of experts founded the Presidential Climate Action Project, which offered bi-partisan advice to the U.S. Presidential candidates in 2008 & 2012 about climate science and policies. While we don’t have the DNA to claim parentage on what emerges from the White House, we can say that the Administration’s actions over the past several years do look pretty much like PCAP recommendations. The latest, of course, was our call for the President to do a live televised speech to the nation on climate change, laying out the case for action (July 2013). … read more on the PCAP web site.

iMatter Youth
Alec Loorz started iMatter (then Kids vs. Global Warming) in 2007 when he was 13-years-old because he couldn’t find another organization to take him and his goal to end the climate crisis within his lifetime seriously. He founded iMatter with the belief that our generation can be the ones to break through the politics and the denial, and inspire our leaders to govern and live as if our future matters. iMatter is an organization of youth and adults who are all passionate about the same issue of climate change, who all recognize the power the youth voice has to inspire other people about the issue and inspire them to get involved too.

Y On Earth

Y On provides life-hacking and culture-cracking tools and techniques to help individuals, neighborhoods, schools, universities and community groups enhance health, well-being and sustainability. Our mantra is “what if the world we want is right at our fingertips.” Our methods are fun, accessible, and cost-effective, inviting people from diverse backgrounds throughout our society to help create the future and the culture we all want to see.

at-the-epicenter-logoAt the Epicenter is on a mission to educate, inspire and mobilize business leaders, entrepreneurs, consumers and eco-advocates to take action, make a difference, and influence others to make positive change through the power of business by offering informative, entertaining live events, video interviews, blog posts and partnering with other impact-oriented organizations. Working with speakers including top leaders in natural, organic and sustainable business, along with an influential group of Underwriters, ethical brands and organizations, At the Epicenter is dedicated to serving as a resource, networking link, and inspiration for established leaders and emerging entrepreneurs alike in driving business, innovation, social responsibility, healthy lifestyles and sustainability.

Energy Should Be is led byKen Regelson who directs this project including concept, charts, and “the talent” and Len Aitken who makes the live-action videos. Energy Should Be’s mission is to use short, clear, credible videos to move people from vision to action on what Energy Should Be – abundant, secure, for all, and for ever. … read more/ donate


Natural Capitalism Solutions serves as an adivsor to various organizations and programs including:

ASAP: Alliance for Sustainability And Prosperity
Hunter Lovins was asked by his Majesty the King of Bhutan in July 2012, to join the International Expert Working Group (IEWG), convened to articulate and elaborate the goals, conceptual framework, structures and processes of a proposed New Development Paradigm (NDP). The IEWG is an independent body of researchers chosen for their expertise in the various aspects of science, policy, and practice in tackling the world’s most serious challenges.

Spring 2013 NCS worked with a team of IEWG members to create ASAP as an independent effort. ASAP is comprised of experts who have been working on this for over three decades. But the state of the world today is testament that we cannot do it alone. We need your involvement in this work. What sort of future do you want to see for the world? How do you think we can achieve it? What is already working that should be replicated more broadly? What has to be fixed? Hunter is leading a team that is grappling with how to transform the global economy.  … read more and join the conversation at

SavoryInstituteThe Savory Institute, led by Allan Savory, promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through holistic management. They use properly managed livestock to heal the land and empower others to do the same. They also remove barriers on the path to large-scale success through activities such as conducting research, creating market incentives and raising public awareness. … read more/ donate