NCS Housed Accounts Spotlight: Clean Coalition

November 2015Clean Coalition Logo

The Clean Coalition works with communities, electric utilities, and policymakers throughout the U.S. to design, promote, and implement innovative policies and programs that are transforming the electric power system to be cleaner, more efficient, and more affordable. We established the Community Microgrid Initiative to prove how local renewable energy-like rooftop solar-can bring economic, environmental, and resiliency benefits to communities from California to New York. Our Long Island Community Microgrid Project, which received one of the first five NY Prize Community Microgrid Competition grants earlier this year, has identified how to provide 50% of the community’s energy needs from local renewables and supply ongoing power backup to multiple critical facilities. By the end of 2016, this project will demonstrate how to avoid paying millions of dollars for transmission and fossil fuel generation investments, while bringing significant economic and environmental benefits to this part of Long Island.

Our Hunters Point Community Microgrid Project is sited within one of the most disadvantaged areas in San Francisco. We have already made significant progress on this project including: identifying 50MW of new solar potential from conducting a local renewable energy survey, modeling Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s distribution grid, and demonstrating how bringing on large amounts of solar does not negatively impact grid operations. When deployed, the Hunters Point Community Microgrid Project is expected to power nearly 20,000 homes in the community while eliminating 78 million pounds of toxic greenhouse gas emissions, saving 15 million gallons of water, and preserving 375 acres of land over 20 years. During the same time period, the project is expected to generate $200 million in regional economic stimulation, including:

  • $100 million in local wages – $42 million of that coming in the first two years
  • $5.8 million in construction-related state sales tax revenue
  • $10 million in site leasing income to property owners in Bayview-Hunters Point

Our experience with Community Microgrids has enabled the Clean Coalition to be a leader in guiding policy that enables the siting of local renewable energy and other distributed energy resources like energy storage and electric vehicles at optimal locations on the grid – providing benefits to utilities, ratepayers, and communities. Policymakers in both California and New York have included many Clean Coalition recommendations in their regulations. This marks a significant step forward in smarter grid planning to ensure that ratepayers are protected from unnecessary investments in an outdated power paradigm and sets an important precedent for the rest of the country. We are currently working to bring these achievements and the economic, environmental, and resiliency benefits of clean, local energy to Colorado and other states.

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