NCS Change Agent Academy

Want to change the world?

It’s a noble undertaking, and the world sure needs you to take on the many challenges facing us.

But how do you start?

Join us at the Change Agent Academy. Come study in Colorado with Hunter Lovins, one of World’s master change agents. Learn the skills she uses to help companies, communities and countries implement more sustainable practices.

Hone your change agent skills and get access to all of Natural Capitalism’s tools.

This four-day certification program is for people passionate about implementing sustainability to change the world. Hunter will lead the classes. You will also have access to Natural Capitalism’s implementation staff. In addition to extensive class instruction, students will receive the full NCS toolbox of slide decks, manuals, and eLearning software.

The program is for entrepreneurs, community leaders, consultants, business students and anyone committed to creating a better world. Each class will be small, to ensure personalized learning.

An optional fifth day offers students time to enjoy the Colorado mountains with NCS staff, hang out with Hunter at her ranch, or dive more deeply into the NCS resources at HQ.

Gandhi, one of the world's great change agentsRachel Carson, mother of the modern environmental movement and author of SILENT SPRINGMartin Luther King Jr.: Civil Right’s leader linked peace, social justice, and environmental healthRalph Nadar, public safety crusaderE.F. Schumacher: author Small is Beautiful, Father of the appropriate technology movementHis holiness the Dalai LamaDr. Vandana Shiva: Indian bio-piracy opponent, sustainable food expertDr. Donella (Dana) Meadows: author Limits to Growth, author of Thinking in SystemsHerman Daly: Father of ecological economics and author of Steady State EconomicsDr. Robert Costanza: Father of ecological economics and leader of international expert working group on a new development paradigm ( Saro Wiwa: Ogoni poet and leader of the Nigerian effort to clean up oil pollutionSir Mark Moody Stuart: former managing of Royal Dutch ShellHazel Henderson: President Ethics Market and author of “Building a Win-Win World”Hunter Lovins co-author Natural Capitalism founder Natural Capitalism Solutions Paul Hawkin co-author Natural CapitalismAmory B. Lovins co-author Natural Capitalism

Sustainability 101:

  • Business Case – Even Harvard now calls it “the sustainability imperative”.
  • Drivers of Change – External conditions that will mandate sustainability.
  • Frameworks – What sustainability is and how to implement it.
  • Taking it to the world – International Development.
  • Local sustainability – Economic development and small businesses.

Core Competencies:

  • What’s the problem? – A primer in the challenges facing the planet.
  • Systems Thinking – Tools for managing in a complex world.
  • Scaling Solutions – Everything needed exists – here’s how to go to scale.
  • Innovation & Design – Redesigning our world, inventing the future.
  • Marketing & Communicating – Taking your message to the world.
  • Reporting – Measuring what matters, communicating that message.

Personal Mastery: 

  • Speaking – Learn how to capture an audience, and have a great time doing it.
  • Writing – Best-selling author of 13 books, Hunter will guide you in the process.
  • Presence – Who you are and, how you present it to the world.
  • Consulting Skills – How to be a sustainability consultant.

Take Aways:

  • Powerpoint presentations from the program.
  • eLearning tools including NCS’s comprehensive “Solutions at the Speed of Business” software tool for small businesses.
  • LASER (local action for sustainable economic renewal) manual.
  • Cities’ Climate protection manual.
  • Starting point audits.
  • Signed copy of Hunter’s new book, “Climate Capitalism”
  • Resources for in-depth topics and future study.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Valuable connections to the NCS network.

Application Requirements: 

  • Your resume
  • A 250-500 word description of “why you want to attend, and what you expect to do with what you gain.”
  • Your contact information: –email –phone number –mailing address
  • Telephone interview, include general times that you would be available for a follow-up phone call.
  • Resume & 500 words or less why you’d want to attend, and what you expect to do with what you gain, .
  • Email applications to

Pricing and logistics:

  • $1,995.00 includes breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Classes will be held at the NCS headquarters located at 11823 N. 75th St., Longmont, CO  80503 (map) and will run from 8.30-5.00 daily.
  • Here is a list of shuttle services from the airport to Longmont, and some nearby hotels.
  • Students are responsible for providing their own transportation and lodging, but carpooling will be available from nearby hotels.

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Did you know...
Increasingly, employees want to work for companies that are taking sustainability seriously. Two recent studies found that overall 92 percent of workers prefer to work for an environmentally friendly company [i], and 96 percent of workers aged 18-35 want to work for a responsible and green-minded company.[ii]

[i] Working for the Earth: Green Companies and Green Jobs Attract Employees. October 2007.

[ii] Generation Y and the Workplace. Global Workplace Innovation. 2010.