Madrone Project

Hunter Lovins has joined Gregory Miller and Dr. Eric Berlow, to create the madrone project. The madrone project plans to curate and produce modular, flexible and rigorous micro-courses that complement today’s now-traditional sustainability programs, offering affordable and accessible content to a broader population of entrepreneurial change agents. While still under development, the goal is to produce engaging, inspiring, thought-provoking, and even experimental micro-courses that can adapt to this rapidly evolving field of innovative business solutions to dynamic global challenges. The madrone project plans to take sustainability education and change management to greater scale with the urgency that our planet needs and that today’s students demand.

All of the current members of the madrone project team have sought to impact the way that sustainability education is crafted and delivered, providing inspiration in classrooms and beyond in such venues as the University of California, Yosemite National Park, Presidio Graduate School and conferences and executive programs across the country.

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The Madrone Project announced NCS has partnered with BGI, In the Telling, & Person to create a prototype of Madrone -- learning modules with short video integrated with other dynamic learning resources, activities and social media. ... Learn More.

Did you know...
Increasingly, employees want to work for companies that are taking sustainability seriously. Two recent studies found that overall 92 percent of workers prefer to work for an environmentally friendly company [i], and 96 percent of workers aged 18-35 want to work for a responsible and green-minded company.[ii]

[i] Working for the Earth: Green Companies and Green Jobs Attract Employees. October 2007.

[ii] Generation Y and the Workplace. Global Workplace Innovation. 2010.