Strategic Planning

Sustainable business practices are smart business practices. Many of the world’s leading companies have set out to reduce resource use and greenhouse gas emissions and have seen increased profitability as a result. But, maximizing business value from sustainability requires more than setting emission reduction targets and instituting a recycling program – it takes thoughtful strategy, innovative process design, and monetized performance metrics. Without careful planning, implementation, and measurement, your business will miss opportunities to gain long-term competitive advantage and enhance profitability.

NCS Strategic Sustainability Planning Services: 
Natural Capitalism Solutions works with clients to develop and execute strategic sustainability programs. Our integrated process helps clients maximize value from sustainability investments.

Our services include:

Competitive Sustainability Assessment: Gain an understanding of how your company compares to competitors and peers on key sustainability issues, while gaining an in-depth understanding of emerging industry trends.

Visioning: Establish and communicate a sustainability vision for your organization that aligns with your corporate mission, ensuring engagement of internal and external stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement: Map the company’s needs and identify opportunities related to your sustainability vision and goals to more effectively engage your employees and external stakeholders.

Measurement and Monetization: Identify key sustainability indicators and develop processes to both measure and monetize performance.

NCS Advantage: Sustainability indicators that are not monetized to reflect bottom line value to the organization tend to be viewed as corporate philanthropy or public relations. NCS enables your organization to go beyond traditional non-monetary indicators in order to integrate sustainability performance metrics with traditional financial reporting. Monetization will take your sustainability program from the periphery to the forefront of your organization. See “Integrated Bottom Line” services for more detail.

Strategic Planning and Execution: Define sustainability goals based on key performance indicators. Develop mid and long-term strategies to achieve these goals across your value chain while maximizing return on investment. Design and execute innovative processes to implement sustainability across functional departments from marketing and sales to operations and accounting.

Communication Strategy: Engage employees and stakeholders in an authentic conversation around sustainability achievements and goals. Train employees, compile and publish sustainability reports, and develop innovative communication campaigns to connect with customers and external stakeholders.

NCS Advantage: Tap into NCS’s unparalleled educational expertise. Train employees through unique online and on-site curriculum (see “Employee Engagement” for more information) developed by the leaders who helped found the field of sustainability. 

Ongoing Strategic Support
In order to react quickly and effectively to emerging issues and opportunities, many companies desire immediate access to NCS’s expertise. The NCS team can provide a clear picture of the immediate risks and future opportunities, through regular briefing reports and advisory support.


NCS' Philosophy: "NCS is a non-profit. We work with organizations that are authentic in their pursuit of sustainability as a way of fulfilling our mission. This doesn’t mean altruism – businesses should pursue sustainability because it increases profitability and manages risks. It does mean that we choose clients because they are committed to implementing sustainability and not just talking about it."
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