S4S “Enhance”

Do you already have a successful small business efficiency or sustainability program in your community, but need to enhance your program offerings or staff expertise? S4S Enhance can help. The S4S team will work with you identify which resources, trainings, or tools best meet your objectives. Whether you are looking to expand your offerings to  to include educational programs, increase the effectiveness with practical implementation tools, or receive additional training and access to nation-wide best practices, S4S Enhance can help take your initiatives to the next level.
Who is S4S Enhance for?   
S4S Enhance provides tools and resources for organizations serving small business communities, that have established small business sustainability/efficiency programs and are looking for new and innovative tools and resources to enhance existing efforts.

S4S Program Elements:
•    Staff & Consultant Training
•    Small Business Educational Programs
•    Starting Point Assessment 
•    Implementation software (NCS Efficiency Advisor)
•    Marketing Support
•    Program Management Support


NCS' Philosophy: "NCS is a non-profit. We work with organizations that are authentic in their pursuit of sustainability as a way of fulfilling our mission. This doesn’t mean altruism – businesses should pursue sustainability because it increases profitability and manages risks. It does mean that we choose clients because they are committed to implementing sustainability and not just talking about it."
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