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HL_iraWhile on tour in Australia and New Zealand in the spring of 2004, Hunter was given a Maori greeenstsone carving by the New Zealand Environment Ministry. Made of their Pounamu (New Zealand Jade) it symbolizes the connection between the earth and spirit. This carving served as the inspiration for the NCS logo.

New Zealand’s Clem Mellish and Brian Flintoff of Jade and Bone have graciously allowed us to use a graphic representation of this carved necklace of the symbol “Ira.”

“Ira is a simple spiral representing the two opposite but complimentary life forces. When in balance these create harmony. In Maori lore, they developed from the Hani, the seeker, and Puna, the well-spring. They are present in all life as Ira Atua, the spiritual life force, and Ira Tangata the physical life force. They are personified as Rangi, the Sky Father and Papa, the Earth Mother. They are recognized in most cultures, and the similarity of this carving to the ancient Taoist Yin Yang symbol is a reminder that we all share the same earth and have much in common.”

We are proud to use this symbol as the NCS logo.

Thank you Clem & Brian. Thank you also to Charlie Hargroves and Michael Smith from The Natural Step who gave Hunter two of these necklaces while on tour in Australia in 2006. One she wears proudly around her neck, daily and the other remains framed in a place of honor in our office in Longmont.


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